Greenhouse, building automatic integrated recruitment process for the enterprise

Uber, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Buzzfeed are Shared in the talent competition for war is not a secret weapon. Greenhouse, this recruitment optimization SaaS to recruitment into a science, and guide where they should be looking for job seekers, when the interview should be to ask any questions, and how to score the applicant’s response. Now, the Greenhouse has received $7.5 million from Social + Capital Partnership LED LED A round of funding, and sell the answers to these questions to everyone.

Greenhouse is a recruitment in the field of SaaS software service providers, provide enterprises with recruitment management, cover letter, interview, assessment services such as recruitment advertising, providing services such as job seekers comparison, recommended.

a year ago, the Greenhouse in the round, it is mainly recruitment software. Now, the chief executive and co-founder Daniel Chait told me that his company’s recruitment engines are very popular. Then it is becoming a platform of recruiting tools, and into the comprehensive mode of growth, and the more added to the list of customers, including reality, Mixpanel, Medium and the Oculus.

“when you interview with other company, when asked how they recruit, most of them will say is based on tradition and habits,” said Chait, “for they should employ many job seekers are not very clear, or when they will be candidates together, they also don’t know how to assess and employ.”

this is too crazy. Most entrepreneurs are refer to the recruitment rate as preferred. When you are running smoothly, a “toxic” newly-recruited employees may poison the entire company. And at the same stage in 100 x engineers, designers and vision, and relentless sales personnel, recruitment is not only beneficial, but also the success of a company is really a great man can control you.

this is why the Greenhouse products aimed at recruiting into functioning of machines. How does it actually work?

procurement: the source of the Greenhouse will you all applicants (recommend, social media, activity, job boards, outlook and apply for agency) into a single dashboard. It in the work list will be automatically divided the strength of the A/B grade, and let the whole company staff participation in, in order to better find potential employees.

interview: Greenhouse can help you to build a unified the interview process, so the candidates are asked the same and comprehensive problems, and through these questions, then use a one-on-one assessment score column.

decision: Greenhouse all job seekers, resume and interview assessment organization into an easy to read overview, it can be compared with your request, to make the right of lease for the position. It also has a lot of tools for rapid review application, contrast employment channels and industry benchmark, or find out what you need to change the process.

many companies are eager to buy from the annual licensing makes Greenhouse will sort out all the information, and because of that, also attracted investors for the $7.5 million in financing, further made the company a total of $11.2 million. Resolute Ventures and Felicis Ventures joined the Social + Capital Partnership and its partners Mamoom Hamid joined the board of Greenhouse. Chait noted, he joined the Social + Capital because “they have awesome elaborate conception, they provide us with the correct level of input and feedback, because we don’t want to use our hands and subjective evaluation and input to the brain.”

some of the money will go to sell its products and the development of the team, but more money will be provided on how to achieve Greenhouse platform. through cooperation with leading establish integration, such as Google, Microsoft and Salesforce, became the center of the enterprise collaborative applications. Greenhouse hope recruitment software can achieve the same effect.

the idea is you can use in any application for a specific part of the software, such as the interview hireview video tools, so you all recruitment data can be integrated into the Greenhouse and automatically aggregate. Chait said, “it can be through them later from customer for funnel of anonymous summary data, stimulus to encourage company to improve their recruitment products. “

this open platform strategy may be replaced by Greenhouse employees management software provider, such as Taleo and SuccessFactor, really need. Chait admitted recruiting tools market is super crowded, if you are talking about the outbreak of the bubble is true and real, then the customer flow will be reduced. But the Chait insists that the “recruitment is always a big competition issues. Enterprise competition based on talent will become more and more obvious.”

as specialization to imagine now Dropbox, Greenhouse must continue to strengthen the enterprise internal IT support and extensibility to deal with big customer. But at least demand is very strong. “When we started the company, we don’t know whether it can pass the ten years of development to make people convinced the importance of recruiting,” Chait concluded. Instead, “we have found a recruitment business is a good thing.” If the founder can maintain focus on innovation, rather than hiring, then Greenhouse there will always be dedicated to its bright future.