Groopie: don’t spend a penny and friends make personal grassroots star show!

recently, according to a study in today’s American teenagers, YouTube star popularity even beyond Hollywood stars. In order to benefit from the popular trend, a new social video website called Groopie developed on the iPhone. It can make the next generation of video podcast lovers and friends recorded video show, which may include a variety of work, regardless of the script.

the company is located in Los Angeles and San Francisco by Fuad Hawit establishment, the company’s original inspiration originates from the influence of his father Andre. Andre is a veteran technology company founder, he has sold at a price of $fifty million in 2003, the IDS software system, then and his son, who founded the company, including gSoft (public finance management software), similar to the early apple intelligent voice assistant mobile assistant and insert audio in the streaming music. But, said Fuad Groopie founded his first independent company.

said Fuad Groopie before was inspired by a short video era, by watching reality TV show, he was aware of its programming design similarities with today’s social media, so he thought out of a service, the service can make video podcasts lovers together to make your own video clips, produce their own reality TV show is like.

The prototype of the

Groopie application allows multiple users to record video from different places (both the front and can even seamless switching between cameras), and then the video one. Unlike rivals, but they need some mobile video and App, and some similar to the Vine ask you start or stop the photography, to tell your story. Hawit said, compared with them, Groopie are quite different.

how it works: do not need to connect, synchronization is enough

“any other video editing tools, like a movie, they need to connect multiple cameras together,” Hawit explained: “you have to be a director or writer through a lot of video footage to illustrate the story… And the rest of the people on the desktop screen fantasy.”

“the application of our rivals need through the tools to make a video, or what is covered, connecting tools, and other. We will make the video really become simple and feasible, don’t need a professional technical links, but real-time synchronization. You can instantly merge two lenses.

in other words, through Groopie, friends can shoot at the same time, and then through the built-in editor tool to merge your video, you can choose you want to use for each shot camera Angle, sound material, in order to make a continuous video.

don’t be puzzled, simple learning curve, in fact, even a child can easily use Groopie, use it only in grade two American schoolchildren Alex made video called “little Alex show” has been updated to 21 sets.

the company over the past six months, has been testing, there are 100 testers to sign up to reach apple (cap), including 12 YouTube about two stars and the star, in reality they were from TV shows the Shahs of Sunset (Sunset shah) “, “Bad Girls Club (Bad Girls Club), popular program includes entity video programs and scripts of television show.

Groopie each of us has our own user profile, which makes them can simply sum up their own programs, each program have not restricted the number of episodes. This arrangement to let the audience can choose their favorite shows different photographer, rather than a video photographer of all programs. Show to share to Facebook and Twitter, but cannot be published on YouTube, YouTube is designed by this company to become a “mobile” YouTube.

but Hawit don’t really Groopie as interference and destruction of YouTube. But he could see, Groopie become more like a Vine, like another platform, can also provide video podcasts stars to develop their audience. Hawit says the video makers have already begun to know each other, and together to record a short video on YouTube’s popularity.

“they have passed Groopie in working together, they can contact the following, Groopie there will be more powerful than a radio channel.” Hawit said: “you will these users gathered on a television show, each of them has 1 million fans, this force is very large.”

Groopie support received $350000 in investment, these investments from PayPal, company and apple angel investors, and so on.

this app itself on the edge of design still let a person feel a bit rough around the edges, its content itself is not as good as YouTube. But given the still at the early stage, is promising.