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over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you glance Internet investment circles.

the domestic company

1, km network for A round of investment of $50 million Jiangsu high-tech investment’s full state capital led

km network ( was founded in 2013, is a electronic commerce system, the operation service, products include local electricity system “E life” of life, physical pin “cloud” and so on electricity distribution system, the enterprise users more than 2000, more than 300000 outlets. The company announced today that obtain 50 million yuan A round of investment, its full state capital led by jiangsu high-tech investment.

2, tao powder obtain 100 million yuan A round of investment JingLin assets

tao powder ( was founded in 2011, is a taobao rebate, preferential service website and mobile application, the tao powder, mobile phone client of nearly 20 million, Japanese lived more than 1 million, also has the mobile APP call you to get up “goddess”. The company has obtained 100 million yuan A round of investment, by JingLin asset investment.

3, Chinese media proposed $2.66 billion acquisition of wisdom star

wisdom star ( was founded in 2008, is A social game development and agency operating publishers, products are “happy farm”, “play hall, 337 gaming platform, etc., in about 40 countries and regions, currently has about 5000 Wan Yue active users, after A round of investment, innovation works, who won tencent B round of investment, etc. Chinese media has announced plans to spend 2.66 billion yuan to buy wisdom star tong, of which 1.6492 billion price to issue shares to pay, the rest of the consideration paid in cash.

4, wanda information proposed $30 million acquisition of Shanghai school XunTong

Shanghai XunTong school was founded in 2007, is a education information solutions and services solutions suppliers, at present the main home school interactive services, parenting week see business, etc. Wanda has announced acquisition of companies school XunTong information, price 30 million yuan, 7.5 million yuan in cash payment, the rest to pay by issuing shares.

5, cloaked day tour of cruise deals travel search sites “bibi”

swim bibi ( was founded in 2010, is a tourist shopping platform, for travelers to provide air tickets, hotel and tourism product price comparison service. Cloaked day tour has announced acquisition bibi, but did not disclose the amount.

the foreign company

1, the network security company Tanium received A $90 million round of investment

Tanium ( was founded in 2007, is a network security technology from the United States company, geared to the needs of enterprises to provide network security tools, allowing the IT staff in the search engine interface, using natural language to control the entire network. The company has received A $90 million round of investment, by Andreessen Horowitz collar.

2, film and television entertainment Studio 8 company fosun group

Studio 8, founded in 2011, is a entertainment company, by Warner Brothers film former President Jeff Robinov, fosun group has announced a strategic investment Studio 8, but did not disclose the specific amount.

3, India gained $10 million C wheel flash sales website FashionAndYou investment

FashionAndYou ( was founded in 2010, is a fashion from India flash sales site, provide members with limited time discount bargain, cover the goods such as clothing, accessories, current users reached 5.5 million. Round of investment, the company has received $10 million C by Nokia Growth Partners, Intel Capital, Norwest Venture Partners, primer Group, Sequoia Capital, joint investment, so the company total financing more than $58 million.

4, search API interface Algolia won $1.2 million in angel investment

Algolia ( was founded in 2012, is a search API interface for developers, for website and APP developers to provide search function interface, make search experience better. The company has received $1.2 million angels by Storm Ventures investment, had won a $1.6 million in angel investment.

Wickr ( was founded in 2012, is one of the main “military level prevent leaks” social tools and mobile APP, is committed to solve the problem of personal information protection. Wickr communication environment support can be set up encryption, automatic destruction of information, information aging and specific objects, etc. , the company has received $30 million B round of investment by the angels James Breyer led, CME Group and Wargaming with cast, in March this year the company has just received A $9 million round of investment.

5, P2P car rental service RelayRides received $25 million B round

RelayRides ( was founded in 2008, is a P2P sharing model of car rental service provider, it will take a 25% commission. The company has received $25 million B round of investment, by anaan Partners led, August Capital, Google Ventures, Shasta Ventures with, so that the company financing more than 44 million dollars. Data reference IT orange

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