Guided tencent weibo and tencent micro view

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute bin

on Tuesday night, Beijing silver branch downstairs absolutely spectacular, tencent weibo group’s favorite eat the last meal – this is their in the name of tencent weibo division last dinner party. A man later said, that day we saw home assembly, tears, war is cruel. Everybody’s partnership with each rush thing, perhaps means that tencent weibo have jumped directly from menopause cemetery. Talking about the death of the tencent weibo, outsiders sigh with emotion, not only internal staff also regrets.

in jianghu, everyone know tencent will do in two types of business, and it is relationship may threaten tencent chain business, don’t make money also want to do, such as weibo, YY, 2 it is very profitable business, such as games, electricity, weibo are both not unluckily, tencent weibo don’t need to do. In fact, the internal staff hope that tencent weibo can do a good job, even than weibo sina’s employees are expected to do, because only the sina weibo ready, is it possible to survive, tencent weibo to tencent tencent weibo department has value. It is because of no value, therefore, have now tencent micro view.

hate iron not to produce tencent weibo frontline employees

tencent weibo group finally withdrew, congratulations to tencent again made a wise choice. When set out to do weibo sina tencent hadn’t realised that when sina did blaze tencent did not enter, and asked a lot of celebrity advertising, binding with QQ chat software, although made a lot of effort or not decline, it has been proved once again that no matter how cow force you can’t buck.

and for the original tencent weibo staff, are for the microblogging division general manager XingHongYu complain, one employee said: “leadership get enough, again somewhere else. Ordinary employees continue to make money when the tool leading cadres, some people were pit, fell more than anything, job-transfer also frozen.”

another staff said: “the XingHongYu year-end bonuses, salary increase and examination of the bias. Now to when the micro view of the boss, others is not life and death. Shenzhen team were forced to assign to the two departments, a pile of the background to the client to write cgi. Beijing team within the bg posterity, panic.”


there is a senior staff “tencent weibo was most proud of a director of force data group changed data to prove his leadership weibo homepage revision after the project is successful, it rushed to the coarse grains, with a weak KK and Tang Mu, took $4 million worth of options now, everywhere to show off. Is said to be doing in front of the search ask scoop, also very will ask at the end of no dig for more than 30 people to weibo, opened tencent internal large-scale poaching in public, after an unprecedented newcomers, directly to ask gm DVD dry weakened, now in fiscal tenpay when leader, do what all lost, but he can always get a lot of, can always in the department at the end of no better way to go.”

may see from the above, tencent weibo group of employees, dissatisfaction with the leadership is extremely, work in such an environment, it has to mix a day is a day.

tencent micro view is false prosperity

tencent micro view also has for some time, did you feel very strange, why micro view released earth-shattering, turned out to be much cry and little wool? Why do we often can see friends in micro letter within the circle of friends to share other tools taken short video, but rarely see micro view of short video Shared out?

the emergence of the poor situation were solely the result of micro view of embarrassing position. WeChat position higher than the short video, WeChat has extremely fat, can’t for a future products to join a may suffer user functionality. In addition, the author understands, depending on the product does not belong to WeChat tencent guangzhou research and development department, even if separate divisions, son is difficult to become a pro. Weibo platform, we can see that the gap between micro view and similar products, as of June 24, 7 billion to read a topic already has a similar product, and micro view topic # micro view, already beautiful # is only more than 8000. Originally, not much more than 8000 figures, but for micro head depending on the total XingHongYu, this number has been very satisfied, little imagine, ignorance is the most deadly. In addition, depending on the website is quite humble, obviously not the focus of the tencent products.

micro view has a strong relationship between chain and strategic support, but the lack of specific business investment, which is slightly depending on the major problems facing the. Such as micro depending on MV and filter effects did not join until June this year, directly affect the user experience. Micro visual experience, it has not completely solve the problem of short video shooting optimization, compared with other similar products, the micro view of optimization do really very general. Tencent emphasizes social sharing only guide, the ultimate social sharing in the user’s own hands, can make the short video application taken out quality better task, is their current development is the most important task. Tencent did not achieve a bit more on the basis of video shooting, product differentiation, just talking about social sharing.

for tencent, the significance of a micro view existing only in screens and defense, the focus of the real product is micro letter. Micro depending heavily on promotion effect is not big, and again encounter similar products foe.