Hammer the batch or the praise?

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520 gives today this day some special meaning, for Mr. Luo, the significance, work piece hammer mobile phone finally to jing. Accept the test of market, actually waiting for Mr. Luo and hammer is love conversation, or a “break-up”?

all look down, first of all have to admire Mr. Luo to the speech, not the kui is engaged in the teaching. Speech humor has a punchline. The entire event, though long procrastination, not listening to the boring. If there’s a bit of humor. Compared to other domestic bosses, Mr. Luo eloquence is really good too much. The accent than one meters, is a heaven and an underground.

all old or change the habit of not when the teacher, still have the teacher, in front of Mr. Luo, the following is a group of students, had to let him carefully taught, so a word and a “right” to “understand” “understand”. It let me recall the best teacher to inculcate the scene.

a, lotus out of the silt but not imbrued?

either conference before preheating weibo marketing for a long period of time, or the conference began to old and are innocent fun. At the domestic running points, laughed at the SONY is three, misunderstanding in pictures, old always wanted to show a kind of public all drunk I wake up alone, the scene of the silt but not imbrued. But after Mr. Luo ridicule, when hammer configuration appears in front of us, what do you think of the hammer mobile phone can get rid of the bondage of hardware? Obviously you can’t, we can see that both qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, or SONY 13 million second generation stack type camera. These parameters in the present, though not the best, in the domestic competition, parameters are still not fall in the wind, while trying to downplay, even for the sarcastic, but old stereotypes, still can’t get rid of is still in the way of parameters, and its high advocating independence pretend bility is also in self-deception.

2, in addition to the apples, appearance to beat?

for a long time, now old likes to make fun of manufacturers of industrial design, in addition to a little bit good apple, the rest is the rhythm of the slag. This sharp ridicule that we’ve been looking forward to Mr. Luo to also bring a cool prick fry day, bright blind all kinds of titanium products, but saw a hammer after the lushan mountain is what, just want to say, brag is not taxed. Even moved to the former apple design director Robert Brunner also failed to get rid of the current situation of the domestic mobile phone a copy. Overall design no window, just like the 4 s with a set of three out of the nokia 5800 keys rhythm? Don’t really like ePrice comparison network says “good product design is always the same view”?

some of the logic design is unreasonable, two of the volume button, and loosen the two button is pressed at the same time can quickly take pictures, but I want to say that other phone a button can fix things, why want to use two keys? Learning the three entities from nokia 5800 keys is what work? Retro? I’m sorry my understanding and aesthetic ability is low, as far as I am concerned, the industrial design is unattractive but trough point is great. How so old to discuss the “in an industrial design is still in toddler stage of country are amazing product?” Can, but want to use this topic to flaunt their own product design how to cool, are amazing. Is too thick.

three hammer, hammer system could one day?

conference OS shows the new system, has a new icon design, SMS sending function, recording software function, the screen to narrow function, calendar reminder, screenshots, and so on small functions. Also can see old actually or listen to the voice of the user. A conference in old bother to teach this group of small white students how to use these cool humanized function. Although some of these functions on other phones, but the old keung law can say new idea, is worth admire. But these features alone. Hammer OS to prop up the old mouth is the most important software experience, bring the so-called stickiness? In many domestic customize android OS fight our way out? Merciless reality will tell Mr. Luo it did not go far enough.

4, a hammer can succeed?

is a meaningless question, actually have different criteria for success, if use sales this common measure to evaluate the hammer to Chinese. The hammer T1 to little chance of success. From Mr. Luo boasts about the appearance design, as well as the core of the system software experience, in which it is difficult to see what a brilliant place. This coupled with a pretend bility extremely high prices, really going to start with a few? The ending I think more is the early stage of the preheating consequences of fire. But from for the industry influence and visibility of the hammer is obviously a great success. The hammer won the attention of friends, make enough attention of consumers. This also for the development of hammer later buried the good set. As long as there is concern, to be alive, maybe everything will have a chance.

poking fun at the hammer above a lot of, but I also think the hammer is worth learning from other manufacturers. Mr. Luo for the some pain points of consumers. But I think even though Mr. Luo for these pain points, but the pain points still will appear in the hammer above the phone. But given the hammer technology limited strength and background, these pain points also won’t get the perfect solution. But we can’t deny Mr. Luo to this effort. Maybe we can wait for Mr. Luo T2, T3, step by step to alleviate the pain points for us.

at the end of a word “I’m not in order to win or lose, I’m serious” feel deeply let me shocked. As a startup, you do is also not easy, though I was never released yesterday this kind of mobile phone, but I also have to clap for Mr. Luo certain feelings. I am also very hope Mr. Luo such a claim with the humanities, science and technology man can make real hit a combining the feelings of all of the hammer.