Have a room, check in, deep tillage hour room

contact interview, there are rooms to the CEO Qin Pengfei are on a business trip. But he still take the time to accept the interview.

hour room area, has reported a our products have room we have been follow up, their interaction experience is certainly worth praising .

so just contact with him, can’t wait to tell their advantages. But no matter how to speak or take products. Return to the hour room market to Qin Pengfei know several questions, time is not long, do speak.

to introduce products, there is room in xian orange house science and technology of a dedicated clock APP in the field of room reservation. main shortcut, privacy . According to geographical location for users to recommend nearby the hour room, price and other information also has a comprehensive display, the user can also can go to the shop to pay online booking. Provide convenience for those who want to short rest.

hour whether the housing market is a heavy industry .

Qin Pengfei told me, see you how to define, software must be light, but the back-end need heavy , because and hotel cooperation need to separate, generally they direct and hotel chain directly talk about the cooperation, the back-end data will also make a corresponding docking. This can cover wider customer base. And hotel chain relative service standardization, it also ensure the safety of users check in. Convince the users to buy the product.

Where is the

the industry breakthrough

first people have to face up to the industry, the hour room in the impression you may be the couple, but it’s not, hour room is already very mature abroad (24 hours) mostly abroad, the hour room can be used for temporary rest, temporary office, but does not rule out that love. The hour room relative Yu Quanri room is more economical, when everyone can face up to the hour room location, perhaps, that is, the industry boom .

with the improvement of individual needs of people, the hour room is the hotel industry a new round of competition will be in the future direction, also will be the last piece of blue ocean hotel revenue management. By then, the hour room information integration and the function of the reservation will more highlights.

change numerous for brief, deep, deep again

hour room is huge, but there is no detonated. After the above two points is user and market acceptance, the market is still very full. Someone needs to eat crab, Qin Pengfei said, there is room to do it, the future will be in the hour field agriculture, agriculture, again meet the personalized requirements of users more.

but for now, the hour room market, players began to grow more, OTA has also been involved in the market, including the group is also open up the field. Vertical markets and reservation treasure doing, have rooms to rely on experience with word of mouth, but the future want to have a foothold, also need to do more work.

Based information

company: xi ‘an orange home software technology co., LTD.

website: http://www.jujiasoft.com/

there are rooms to

time: in September 2013,

location: shaanxi, xi ‘an

stages: initial

domain: real estate hotel, the hour room

abstract: “a room” is a main hour room, in the middle of the room phone booking assistant, nationwide hour quick booking room, in the middle of the room, book a room most valuable in the shortest time. Xi ‘an orange home software technology co., LTD. Its products.

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