He 13 other inspirational quotes

on October 6, 2011, apple co-founder, Steve jobs, died because of illness. He is known as the legend of an era, which changes the generation of life science and technology. For Steve jobs, his life will undoubtedly have a lot of bright spots. Jobs not only operates the world’s most successful technology companies, he personally was also a very good speaker, because no matter in any occasion, jobs are willing to see the transaction issued its own unique point of view.

a few days ago, the famous American science and technology, media, business insider, for us to sort out the “13 big words said by the jobs’s life”, the following is the specific content:

“creative does not connect different things. When you ask those in positions of creative people is how to do this, they may feel a little guilty, because they don’t know how to do, just saw something of the inner link, which in their look clear.

remembering that you are going to die is I know oneself avoid ‘life lose the best way to think. Because when no care of your heart, you are free.”

“become the pronoun of excellence! Just a lot of people are not suitable for highly demanding environment like that.”

“, though you may now see only the past and no future. So you have to believe that those who are expected to weave your dribs and drabs things in the future. Do you want to believe in your faith, courage, destiny and fate, so stick to never let me down, and this is where I’m different.”

“your work will occupy a big part of your life, so want to make you won’t regret it will need to stick to do what he thinks is right, and on the need to do this you love your job. If you haven’t found a job like this, continue to look for. Like other things related to the heart, when you find yourself will know. Like any sincere relationship, it will only become more and more closely with the passing years. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t compromise!”

“whether can become the richest man in the cemetery, unimportant to me. Because it is important when I sleep at night, I can say ‘we had some wonderful work done today.”

“I am proud of is not only a lot of what we do is, at the same time, there are those things we haven’t finished, because innovation is to say” no “to a one thousand things.”

“I think if you do something, the result is very well, so you should choose to do other things, don’t focus on the good things for too long, but should stick to looking for the next goal.”

“fired from apple was the best happens in my life. Because as a successful weight feeling is easy feeling completely replace as an entrepreneur, this also let me into the life of one of the most creative phase.”

“quantity is more important than quality, like a home more than two hits.”

“I have read such a famous saying” at the age of 17 if you take every day as the last day of my life, then one day you will understand the meaning, ‘I’m impressed with this sentence. After 33 years, I in the mirror every morning ask yourself, ‘if today is the last day of life, I also want to go to do what I want to do today? ‘, whenever I there was a ‘No’ answer for several days, I know I it’s time to need to make a change.”

“I believe half the difference between a successful entrepreneur and the other half is not successful entrepreneurs just pure perseverance

“I hope I can be installed in the universe a wake-up call.”

source: tencent technology