Head of marketing in the new, Google glasses glasses from the Geek playthings to the mass market

the latest news about the Google Glass, in addition to Glass product itself, the personnel changes of the whole team has caused the industry quite attention. A few days before Google X laboratory is mainly responsible for Glass project, senior electronic engineer Adrian Wong on Facebook claimed that leave the Glass to the Oculus VR virtual world. According to the latest news, marketing director of Art.com Ivy Ross will fill the vacancy, to become the next head of the Glass.

Ivy Ross graduated from harvard, has considerable experience, successively in Mattel (Mattel), The Gap (Gap), Disney (Disney), Coach (Coach), and Old Navy (Old Navy), and other company as senior marketing. But have to say that Ross’s experience in the IT is still not rich enough. Google will enable Ross to responsible for Glass project may be traced back to the early 90 s Ross in Bausch& , bausch & Lomb executives responsible for promoting sunglasses Outlook Eyewear design experience.

Glass now gradually promotion, trying to remove Geek small labels. Google also need more Ross as marketing talents, let Glass are more likely to be accepted by the masses, become a mobile device to be bestowed favor on newly.

with the help of Ross rich experience in retail marketing, perhaps Glass popularized the road will go more smoothly.