Head of the departure of Google “social” Google + weapons to death

Google social business vice President, head of the Google + Vic gondor tweet (Vic Gundotra) has announced officially departure from Google. It is worth noting, sources said, the man’s departure heralds the considered Google is trying to shake dominated by Facebook social networking industry products, has begun to die.

Google + (hereinafter referred to as the “G +) is Google in 2011 launched a” platform “social applications. Its most outstanding characteristic is “circle” function. , in a nutshell, is to allow users to interact with different circles of friends they have set. Since then, Google will “ring” (Hangouts) integration into the G +, let them to Google with the function of SNS and mobile IM multiple social platform.

as a data acquisition, data provided, rely on the data of giant, Google set foot in the field of social purpose self-evident. G +, unfortunately, because of the redundancy of complex product design, and let the user feel confused. Although Google officials say G + the number of monthly active users currently has more than 540 million (as of last October), but from a third party survey data show that G + a “social desert”. Not only that, Google to promote G +, successively and Youtube through the account system (of course, there are other reasons for this), and other “forced integration” behavior, caused the user dissatisfaction.

gondor tweet

it is not only there are some problems in product design, the G + development work the leadership of the head, was also revealed that “L help”, such as Google CEO larry page (). Gondor tweet, sources have said partly been chased out of Google.

let us feel a little shocked, TechCrunch reported in the news soon, according to the gondor tweet departure heralds a G + products have begun to die. Google will have 1200 people to the G + internal team for major reorganization, the future G + will shift from a social product to a more open platform.

for the news, Google spokesman insisted: “gondor twitter’s departure, not any impact on the future development of G + strategy.”