Headlines today completed $100 million C round [attached interview]

on June 3, news, headlines recently confirmed today completed C $100 million in financing, C round of financing, after the completion of the headline valuation today has more than $500 million. This round of financing by sequoia collar, weibo to vote. After today’s headlines have obtained two rounds of financing, led party of SIG susquehanna Asia () respectively and the founder of DST Yuri. Milner (Yuri Milner).

cloud network was hunting in an interview with the founder of today’s headlines on April 16th yi-ming zhang, and sums up the yi-ming zhang established three experience ()

today’s headline is a leading domestic client information, depending on the user’s interest for the user automatically recommend like content, and use the longer the more understand the user’s preferences, is the ability to self-learning intelligence software. At the same time, today’s headlines and technology driven mobile Internet start-ups, ranked among the top domestic technology start-ups and growing its first edition product launch in August 2012, in less than two years time, headlines today has more than 120 million active users, 40 million monthly active users. Today’s headlines, founder and CEO yi-ming zhang thought on mobile Internet, you need a new, unique to connect people with information products and services, let people in the era of information explosion to more efficient access to useful information, reduce the cost of information search, select the time on your phone, want to know to be able to get their information anytime and anywhere. This is based on data mining, machine on the basis of deep learning services was seen as part of artificial intelligence technology application, Google, apple, Microsoft and other technology companies in this field are involved, it also become the future trend of the development of Internet technology and products.

founder yi-ming zhang is domestic Internet serial entrepreneur, low-key, participated in, or create SyncWrite map, Yang room, cool news, many Internet companies, such as in search engines, data mining, machine learning has profound technology accumulation.

on the future development of today’s headlines, founding partner of sequoia shen said: “bullish headlines today prospects in the field of technology products and services, in the mobile Internet, today’s headline is the innovation of the era of mobile media platform, through technology to build a convenient access to information tools and platforms.” Sina’s chairman, Mr. Chao said: “the investment headlines today, because can produce weibo and its synergistic effect, today’s headline is currently share the largest amount of information on weibo.” The angel stage leading investment company and B wheel and SIG partners Wang Qiong think: “yi-ming zhang is a very forward-looking thinking entrepreneur, super elite, executive force him to form a team, is a clear target and steadfast effort, a new generation of mobile Internet leader of the team.” Angels etheric capital Zhou Zijing think: “today’s headlines in the process of financing to adhere to the independent position is not little choice for many times, will have the opportunity to become more mobile Internet platform level enterprise.” At the same time, today’s headline is founder of DST yuri is one of the early phase, the investment of Chinese companies, before DST participated in millet technology B rounds of financing, investment in PE phase Facebook, Twitter, jingdong, ali, etc.

C round of financing for the development of today’s headlines, the next step, after the completion of yi-ming zhang said will continue to increase investment in technology, do the world’s leading in the field of data mining and machine learning, at the same time, it will begin to speed up the construction of mobile Internet content of ecological system. Previously, the singularity in the geek yi-ming zhang park conference speech has said the machine has the ability of observation, memory, understanding person, can create a self evolution, is a continuous improvement system make he felt very excited. “Before the spread of information technology revolution is essentially change of physical technology, both paper and printing and radio, but we strongly feel that in this era through a computer algorithm is greatly improved, have the opportunity to give the global customers with a new and different way of access to information, dissemination of information. Now just a start.