HeathKit and HomeKit: new hardware for the center with the iPhone ecosystem

apple WWDC14 conference without any new hardware, is focused on two big platform OS X and iOS improvement, new facilities, provided by the developer and the Swift programmers exciting new programming language.

however, this does not mean that the event has nothing to do with hardware, new in iOS HeathKit and Homekit became the first unified wearable devices and smart home platform, the platform aims to create a hardware and software of the integration of new hardware for the center with the iPhone ecosystem.

HeathKit provides the unification of the wearable device collected data interface display. Whether it USES the data collected by the sensor of the iPhone (Moves the application, for example) or use third-party wearable hardware collecting data, all can classify show, the SDK open to third-party developers. HeathKit, third-party applications and wearable hardware platform developers have to compete for the first time.

HomeKit to hardware makers also provides a unified platform of smart home, based on the SDK development of intelligent household products can be controlled by the iPhone, users can even use Siri to control home appliances.

of course, this conference is not related to hardware. Because only needs to be platform and standards established, the hardware can be started. And 8 at present is still a Beta version of the iOS, only to fall the next iPhone release, was pushed to the original iPhone users. It is conceivable that the second half of the new release of the iPhone, will be accompanied by a series of wearable devices and intelligent household equipment. There may be developed by apple (the legendary iWatch), may not appear.

as Appstore application only a few million is apple’s own research and development, based on HeathKit and HomeKit hardware platforms will grow up a new hardware. One may have one or several apple development, ecological but at its core, or a third party.

the last two years, we discussed what would be the junction of smart home (Hub), Google acquisition Nest is also betting that the next platform of smart home. And HomeKit release notes, in the eyes of apple, smart home is a Hub and is still a smartphone. The cook at the WWDC revealed that at the end of last year, apple has sold 800 million iOS devices.

the large equipment ownership ensures the penetration of platform, combining with the advantages of hard and soft to ensure the availability of the platform.

as apple Carplay not to replace a car control system is not to sell more cars, but for iOS to take over the steering wheel beside the screen; HeathKit and HomeKit purpose not just for apple to sell the new hardware, but new hardware ecological surrounding the iPhone.

with the ecological, relative to the competitor to the iPhone’s unique competitive advantage will be more unshakable, apple could sell more of the iPhone, more unable to migrate to other ecological existing users.

Steve jobs led apple to the company’s core from Mac and Mac OS to the iPhone and iOS, apple has turned to apple. Under the leadership of cook apple still insist on the route, the iOS and the iPhone is still the empire unshakeable cornerstone.