Help & Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to the majority of questions that our clients or people interested in our services have asked us.
If you want, you can contact us directly through the contact section.

How long will my page be ready?

That will depend on many factors such as complexity of the page, selected extras, workload of our employees, etc. Always, before starting a project, we give an estimate of time for the client to know the times with which we are going to work.

Under normal circumstances we could calculate that the average time of realization of a web page is between 1 and 2 months and for more complex online applications such as intranets between 3 and 4 months.

Will I have support once the page is finished?

We offer a support service 24 hours a day for any problem or inconvenience that may arise with the website. For € 150 / year (the first year is free) we will be satisfied with everything related to the page, updates, support, changes, etc.

Will my page be well positioned in the search engines?

We develop all our web projects based on directives for Google Webmasters so we ensure that search engines will not have any problem to correctly index any web.

In addition, we have a highly qualified Online Marketing Expert SEO consultant on the team.

Will it be too expensive to have a professional page?

We believe that we offer a good value for money in all our services and therefore we can justify each of the budgets we send.

However, if you are limited in terms of money, please contact us through the section request budget without commitment and we will study your needs and the best way to help you.

How can I update my web page?

We put at your disposal a management panel so that from any device with an internet connection you can easily modify the content of your website.

You will also have a manual to learn how to use the control panel and, in case you have problems with it, you will have 24 hour support for everything you need.

Can I know who enters my page?

Yes, we have a web analytics system so monthly you will receive reports about how many visits you receive, where people come from, which are the most important pages of your website and much more information.

Are my data and the content of my page in a safe place?

Yes. We make daily backups (backups) of the pages of our clients. These copies are stored securely on servers hosted in different parts of the world, one in Barcelona, Spain and the other in Texas, United States.

Can you integrate social profiles on my page?

Of course, as long as Social or Professional packages are contracted, we will integrate any social network you need on your website.

What will happen to my page if I stop paying for maintenance?

We will take care to notify year after year of the expiration dates of the maintenance contract. In the event that you stop paying, to avoid problems due to transfers that arrive late we will give a grace period of one month.

After that time, if payment has not yet been made, we will deactivate the page (you can not access it) and we will contact you to see if you are interested in maintaining the domain. If not, we will stop paying it and will go back to the market and can be registered by anyone.

Can I contract the accommodation and maintenance with another company?

Our pages are powered by a proprietary platform that is not exportable to the servers of other companies.

This platform helps generate visitor statistics, contains the administration panel to modify the content of the page, is responsible for making daily backups and integrates customer data among other things. Due to this, it is not possible for another company to maintain the same.

What happens if I want another company to manage my page?

Because the page is not exportable, the only thing we could facilitate would be the design and content of it and make the domain available to the new company while we help in the migration transition. It would be the responsibility of the new company to develop again the functionalities that it could require.

We are happy to know that in recent years we have only had to dispense with three customers who would like to change the maintenance with another company and we know that it was for personal, not professional reasons.

How is the initial 15% paid?

Once you start working on a project, a contract is generated, but because our guaranteed quality policy returns the money if you are not satisfied, we do not issue an invoice until the work is completed.

Therefore, when we receive 15% of the project we issue a payment receipt indicating that a payment has been made and specifying the amount, which will be the same as the one returned in case of not being satisfied with the service.

We hope that our way of working, which we have been following for more than 10 years, has been to your liking and we have convinced you to invest the brand and the prestige of your company with us.

If you still have doubts, you can contact us or go to the help section and frequently asked questions.