HelpShift online customer service in the industry to do “Microsoft small ice”

was founded in 2011 in San Francisco Helpshift main mobile end customer service, help customer service staff to integrate the q&a document, when a user consultation, will undertake relevant semantic search first, if you have similar questions and answers can quickly feedback to the user. If there are no relevant content in the q&a, Helpshift will erect a temporary session between the user and the customer service, and automatically attach user equipment model and application version information, so that the background to disabuse service personnel.

at present, the main users include Supercell Helpshift, Glu Mobile, a unique, etc. The Supercell in 17 languages using Helpshift service. Supercell about 40 million games per day, and it opens at about 40000 users will help module, about 200 people will fill help service form – Supercell background can see the total service form, based on the analysis of data as you can see, using Helpshift service, help service halved the single number directly. According to relevant data, consulting the Supercell tens of thousands of users, Helpshift provide a platform to help answer the nearly 90% of the questions, successful customer service most of the repeated work, Shared the background for Supercell saved a lot of customer service pay – Tripathy also mentioned the support of the service cost of high mainly lies in the developer cannot guarantee the validity of the user and communication, the original q&a are not very useful, search mechanism is also often fails, so users have to choose the artificial service.

recently, Helpshift again raised $10 million, in order to further development. Founder and CEO Abinash Tripathy as mentioned in the interview, hundreds of thousands of applications are accessed Helpshift services, and more than 150 million sets of equipment and carrying these applications. Tripathy, said Helpshift effectively reduces the user’s doubts and retain about 40% of users for each application. The future Helpshift plan based on current customer service platform for mobile application CRM customer relationship management (CRM) system. Look in Tripathy, CRM customer relationship management system has been referred to as sales B2B solutions of a class, and Helpshift is expected to use the current customer service system to turn it into a consumer B2C service, using the communication platform to further optimize customer service.

of course, there is more than Helpshift to optimize customer service this cake one to enjoy, such as Zendesk, Salesforce competitors are focus on customer service, while Playnomics for game companies have developed CRM customer relationship management (CRM) system. But Helpshift also plans to add new functionality of the future, including personalized help remind, under the premise that does not involve the user personal information to allow the use of the view the inquire about the application of the service record, error logging, and so on.

Tripathy said Helpshift adopters worldwide, from games to move the electricity to different lifestyle applications.” We realize that many companies can benefit from Helpshift service, and our challenge is whether it can continue to optimize and expand, to fit large demand in the future. The financing will further increase our strength, help us to development, to serve more applications developers.”

else had earlier from True ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, raised $3.25 million. This round of financing by Intel Capital collar, Taizo Son (Japan’s softbank CEO masayoshi Son twin) led Visionnaire Ventures, original investors True Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, such as ginseng. After the financing, Visionnaire Ventures partners, Susan Choe will join the management.