HiWiFi OS opened, extremely routing to play “soft and hard” combination

(word/qing nan)

a routing since the year before carry the banner of the first to build intelligent router, after two generations of router product market test, routing operation strategy started the changes, out of the open road.

today, extremely routing released official version of its preparations for the new HiWiFi OS, at this point, “software and hardware” double product strategy system began to form, and plans by the operating strategy for the new expansion of open platform. In accordance with the company plan to build based on mediatek chips and HiWiFi OS software complete hardware and software solutions.

in fact, HiWiFi OS has already been applied in the first two generation of routing hardware products. However, at that time, only their own use, not open to partners, the experience function improvement after system upgrade foreign new appearance.

a routing CEO Wang Chuyun scene, said HiWiFi OS will contain HiCloud cloud services platform, Himobile mobile terminal and a HiStore plug-in shop three service components, respectively, for users, developers, third party vendors, this is the first time in the industry has transplanted the concept of cloud services, app store in the router, so HiWiFi OS will build three parties mutually beneficial platform for the ecological environment.

at present, HiWiFi OS divided into stable version and development version two kinds, stable version will be a monthly update system, while the development version will maintain the high frequency of the weekly updates. So far, HiWiFi OS total installed capacity broke through 1 million. Carrying HiWiFi OS will al router will also go on sale recently.

in addition, a routing launched “WiFi” everyday applications, can be connected by the route to participate in the deployment of commercial WiFi. , Wang Chuyun said HiWiFi OS has reserved the smart home service module, the future will also be cut into the intelligent household and the field of Internet of things.

at the same time, a routing also announced HiWiFi open platform strategy, will be sent to you by OpenAPI interface for developers, partners to provide a variety of development, and open the cloud services based on HiWiFi OS, DPI, storage systems, access authentication, equipment management, and other various ability.

although the most intelligent router product competition in the hardware configuration, also on the surface, a route opened up to the industry the most core software resources, also with a number of manufacturers, standing on the same starting line will even affect the routing their product sales, but in the long run, intelligent operating system is the core part, also is the foundation of the whole ecosystem is growing stronger, routing companies open core operating software system ahead of time, the industry is also a kind of led. As Google the company to do android Nexts mobile phone and do the same.

according to understand, ruyi cloud, shells, millet are accelerating the opening-up strategy of each router operating system. Now, the routing first to walk in front of the head. Eventually, of course, is to obtain the favoured, still need long-term products.