Hkust fly new product series, with intelligent household

hkust xunfei today released in Beijing appear to be 3.0, 3.0 xunfei sound cloud, artificial intelligence program — “xunfei super brain”, high noise vehicle car machine products, intelligent voice as the core of interactive intelligent speakers, as well as in intelligent interactive TV remote control “future”, etc of voice new products.

a tacit newly released 3.0 access intelligent family. Product “intelligent home appliances” module has been added, by adding the smart TV automatically scan success, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent electric device, which successfully implemented the “acoustic” intelligent family. At the same time, appear to have 3.0 semantic understanding technology, to provide users with more humanity, more intelligent voice search service.

respectively 3.0 also in interactive mode. Such as “wake up” and “execution dial” combination, namely in the mobile phone lock screen interface can voice dialing, greatly reducing the interaction process. In addition, also has the function of the “triad” music search, male and female voices recognition technology, etc.

as mobile Internet intelligent voice interaction platform, xunfei sound cloud 3.0 are appeared at the same time, its by “cloud + + background data analysis” of three big content, exclusive have dialect recognition and high noise recognition, face recognition, gesture recognition technology innovation, etc. It is worth mentioning that xunfei sound cloud 3.0 will be open by the industry’s leading and most stable, most real-time and comprehensive platform for the application of statistical analysis, let developers by big data fully listen to the user “voice”, at the same time can also be personalized ringtone, advertising and other value-added services.

at the same time, the hkust xunfei also announced plans to launch artificial intelligence – “xunfei super brain”, let the machine learn to think and do, like the human brain to realize machine from “” to listen to and speak to understand thinking over. “Xunfei super brain” plan gathered from speech and language national engineering laboratory, tsinghua university, york university in Canada and so on more than 10 top experts in the field of artificial intelligence, is committed to the exploration and application of artificial intelligence, can let the machine can understand you more, let the depth of the artificial intelligence is applied in every aspect of life.

smart hardware more concentrated appearance

this conference, hkust xunfei released high noise vehicle car machine, xunfei intelligent speakers, intelligent hardware such as remote control in the future.

auto market oriented, hkust fly high noise vehicle car machine products, in the field of car has been working with multiple vendors implement, Benz, BMW, audi, saic, faw car makers such as front loading and major domestic auto market after the market the cooperation; And road chang, excelle, philco, constant in the morning, good helper and domestic ten cart machine manufacturers such as gold, navione map of mainstream manufacturers such as set up extensive cooperation, launch “auto voice assistant” and “bluetooth language point V” typical speech application products.

face the music market, hkust fly released – fly smart speakers. As the dispatch of hkust fly to China mobile music base jointly build the first intelligent hardware, realize voice, singing, and the original search “triad” function.

the smart TV market oriented, hkust fly joint CNTV’s future television issued for smart TV remote control “future”, the interaction of the voice is used to implement remote control, such as change the channel, tuning, etc., the TV can be understood and executed immediately.