Hong Kong GoGoVan, to do a taxi “software” of global trucking

GoGoVan high (van) is a truck driver and users with the application of communication, it, connected directly to the customers and the driver, truck drivers can meet the list directly by phone. GoGoVan creator is Hong Kong people Steven Lam, he was in running your own lunch box advertising company, know when to Hong Kong by van taxi call centers, customer call car, truck business bad phenomenon, draw lessons from a taxi was popular software, he and his partners launched GoGoVan company in Hong Kong. In July 2013, Gogovan online App Store, today it claims to have more than 50% of the truck driver user market in Hong Kong, that is to say, more than 18000 truckers Gogovan in use.

GoGoVan executive chairman of gabriel? Feng (Gabriel Fong), said GoGoVan goal is like a dozen software instead of a taxi call center, with the advantage of immediate call center to replace the traditional sense of the van. He said, adding that once the customer through GoGoVan call by a truck, just need to wait for 10 to 15 seconds to get the driver’s reply, and through the trucks have to wait for call center in 20 to 30 minutes.

GoGoVan refused to disclose the financing situation, but revealed recently received a seven-figure investment, investors include former merrill lynch asia-pacific President and other private or individual institutions. GoGoVan plans to use the financing to develop more functions, and expand the Asian market. According to their current and many corporate customers, including the Kerry Logistics (Kerry Logistics), San Francisco Express (SF Express), as well as the DHL. Currently GoGoVan has processed more than 1 million transactions, totaling more than 120 million Hong Kong dollars ($15.5 million), monthly sales about 300000 transactions in Hong Kong.

recently GoGoVan to expand business in Singapore, GoGoVan company co-founder and chief executive Steven Lam, said in a statement, since company was founded in July 2013, just nine months, nearly half of the company and Hong Kong logistics suppliers set up a partnership, they hope to get the same results in Singapore. And GoGoVan is not promise, to enter the Singapore market in just a week attracted more than 200 truckers users. The next few weeks, GoGoVan planning to launch applications, in another Asian country in the next three to six months GoGoVan applications will throughout Asia, and plans to move towards the world.

but GoGoVan not dominance, in Hong Kong have EasyVan rivals. EasyVan, six months after GoGoVan GoGoVan said as a leader, it will be much faster than the development of other similar companies, and online services will make it faster than the traditional model of taxi reaction. GoGoVan users is given priority to with individual in the past, now is more of a medium enterprise. Under this trend, GoGoVan now has 7000 times a day’s trading, customer retention is also high.

use GoGoVan customers mainly includes the following three: need to move or handling bulk items of individual customers, need to send a small company, and some are not willing to spend money to build their own logistics system of large companies.

in every large city with a dense population, there is a stream of truck, motorcycle, truck, etc., they run back and forth, providing logistics distribution. All these cars have a plenty of company, only for the company to provide specialized services. And more is a man or some have the soho all three car.

von lists a such data, in Hong Kong, is half a soho all in 70000 van, he said GoGoVan is to build Bridges between the soho and customers, improve efficiency.

he added, for the customer, Hong Kong is a lot of people are in need of car temporarily by calling station to call a car, but the call usually only 50 to 1000 vehicles, the fundamental demand. For drivers, GoGoVan as they reduced the amount of time waiting for the customer, and can increase their income, some drivers even can improve the income of 20% to 30%.

in addition to Hong Kong and Singapore, feng also points out a few of the development of the market, like Sydney, Melbourne, Seoul, Tokyo and other asia-pacific region, they also plan to develop in the big cities in the us and Europe.

feng believes GoGoVan was not created in the reconstruction or logistics, is just to meet the demand of logistics, by increasing efficiency and make the connection between the driver and customer, one is a feasible way to improve efficiency.

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