Hot mom to develop unique App: do not pick up my phone will lock your phone

on August 15, the U.S. state of Texas a mother created a unique applications. With this application, mothers don’t have to worry about children don’t pick up his phone.

the application named “Ignore No More (No longer Ignore)”, it allows parents to remote control the child’s smartphone, avoid ignoring their own telephone or text messages.

the mother lives in Houston, named Sharon, Sharon Standifird), is a veteran. She said, her children often don’t call her back, making her upset and worried, so she developed this application.

“we need to develop an application like this: it can completely lock the child smart phones, let they basically can’t use a mobile phone.” She told the American broadcasting company (ABC) Houston television interview, “I collect information on the Internet, I really started to study how to develop such an application.”

a few months later, she launched the platform application for Android devices.

when she wanted to lock the son’s phone, she will be open Ignore No More, and input the name of the son. Then she enter an unlock code, for the second time in a row and click the “lock Bradley (Bradley) on the phone.” This button. In this way, she locked son Bradley’s cell phone.

according to the Google app store described in Google Play, Ignore No More can deprive children playing game on the smart phone, call a friend, and the power of the Internet. Have a mobile phone function, however, is that it cannot deprive, dial the number “911”.

so, after the phone locked by the parents, the children do? They only need to click a button, be able to get a list of contacts, through the list of calls, they can get the unlock password.

“I think this is a good idea, but it is for others, not for me.” Bradley said in an interview.

so, what is the best way to deal with Ignore No More? Very simple, that’s when parents call darling answer. (Tan Si)

source: tencent technology