Housing sales market for change, reverse deals in Australia and push into the domestic market

(word/qing nan)

from March 2 online by now, the Macao opened in less than two months. The declared main overseas overseas real estate trading platform for the electric business seems to be eager to set foot in the domestic market.

let them make a change or the domestic real estate business market change is so fast, the housing price growth difficult to sustain, consumers money to the sidelines, developers need to be drained, seems to have been drifting off toward the buyer market. Therefore, in Australia and want to grasp this opportunity.

today, Australia and the CEO wu officially announced, will launch a “reverse group” of property O2O business, explore “deals + reverse pricing”.

mentioned bulk, this is wu founded the shake handshandle net are good at and be familiar with the area. In the new business, he again into the concept of group buying. Wu said, “reverse group” pattern has set itself is to make consumers are willing to spend money on price, and then through the group-buying platform with property developers to bargaining, ultimately through the trading commissions mode to achieve revenue.

in the link, in Australia and will use its own website to collect user demand and offer information platform, to help developers from pricing decision, achieve rapid sales proceeds quickly.

do not match the offer for the consumer, in Australia and will be mainly real estate agent to use the resources to do communication with users. Therefore, the present stage, united, the country’s main real estate agents is in Australia and is a important strategy.

therefore, Australia also announced today, to buy a second-hand joint distribution service provider – fast properties. On the one hand, fast property can be directly butt on both ends of the real estate developers and the mediation resources. 2 it is to hope that by the latter for familiarity as well as in the field of real estate professional talent quickly push “reverse group” business.

at present, the U.S. official website has been launched in Beijing sugar project, then there is five real estate projects coming online.