How can I get to the next red child? To build ecological + suning O2O

hunting cloud network May 16,

recently, in the tenth anniversary celebration, new strategic Su Ninggong children, Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd., vice chairman of the board of directors wei-min sun, said Su Ninggong children with 10 years experience of maternal and infant market advantage + Su Ningyun O2O mode, comprehensive strength and leading China maternal and infant electric dealer market competition.

2014 as Su Ningyun red children’s independent subsidiary operations, operating red child, bean bought two brands. Pan Min red children’s new general manager, deputy general manager Yang Fei new management team, such as on the same day also made its debut.

new strategic Su Ninggong children, not only including previously acquired by suning mother-to-child vertical electric ShangGong children, also integrates the original su ning and cosmetics division. Su Ningyun quotient group vice chairman wei-min sun, said the main maternal and infant and beauty makeup red children will become suning’s neck with electrical equipment, 3 c one of three big engine.

Pan Min Su Ninggong child general manager said that the future red children will fully using Su Ningyun dealer group resources, fast power logistics and commodity abundance: red children has been established in the country such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, nanjing, chengdu five major cities set up a logistics warehouse cover patterns, in the future, with the advantages in the group logistics comprehensive speed red children in logistics distribution throughout the country; Red child categories SKU will be expanded to 500000 this year, provide consumers with more rich and comprehensive product selection.

in Su Ningyun business overall O2O mode, 2014 red children offline store construction also is moving forward rapidly. Pan Min revealed that in the last year has two red children stores, on the basis of this year the country will open new eight red child entity shop, at the same time in the national su ning super stores and flagship store launch mother-to-child zones, comprehensive maternal and child online market at O2O pattern.

Su Ninggong

Pan Min said that future children will meet the demand of customer differentiation and precise marketing members, each year more than 2000, covering millions of pregnant mother offline pregnant mother lectures and health parent-child activities, use of diversified channels to build complete consumption of electricity from ecosystem, red children new brand image.

Pan Min new red after the child, the child round wheel market offensive already follow: maternal and infant major HuiGang end April, the celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of the new campaign has started again.

according to Yang Fei Su Ninggong children, deputy general manager, is so far the celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of red children offensive red children most aggressive offensive, milk powder, baby wash protect and clothing, toys and other hundreds of brands. In addition, suning overseas purchase E opened overseas direct mail, provide more convenient service for domestic consumers.