How many didn’t sell it! Spend a penny can now experience the Moto X for two weeks

remember Moto X? Yes, it is bought by Google MOTOROLA after the launch of the first smartphone. Side configuration in the device, but the flagship pricing in continuous price $200 to $300 (or even seen), MOTOROLA again launched “sale promotion activities. Users only need to pay 1 cent, you can use the experience of Moto X for two weeks (14 days).

Moto X and launch last summer, despite having a good work and perfect experience, but for a price close to $600 in the configuration of the equipment, or make a lot of people. The following year, MOTOROLA official launch price activity continuously. All the way down to $349, $249 was also appeared many times of ultra low-cost sale activities. Then a, analysts say MOTOROLA’s (Google) to mistake his product market prospects, the device may be in a state of a large number of inventory backlog.

this is not entirely unreasonable. MOTOROLA have since launched on experience does not lose to Moto X, but cheaper and Moto Moto E G. The Moto G is considered to be rewritten low-end Android smartphone development prospects of typical equipment. In view of this, that two more affordable equipment is likely to let originally is not selling Moto X.

previously reported that MOTOROLA will also work with another this summer a Moto X’s successor (or several) equipment. Obviously, before is lenovo’s acquisition, has right of MOTOROLA should have cleaned up the mess.