How pollution, nutrition food? With the SCiO scan all know

all kinds of new products on the market more and more, even the smartest consumers, require a lot of time and energy to understand everything in the food ingredients and nutrition. For those in order to maintain healthy eating habits, the pursuit of organic food, although the food price is higher, but still have a lot of appeal. Recently, an Israeli man invented a small scanner, can detect chemicals in the food, drugs and other items. According to him, this will change people’s way of shopping.

this food scanner called the SCiO, is actually a big thumb infrared spectrometer, analysis to detect food, drugs and gardening. As long as holding a scanner on target item press the button, the user can see a piece of cheese has how many calories or identify a hanging in the branches of tomatoes when will is done.

although applications are relatively limited. But its inventor Dror Sharon, after summarizing a large amount of data, the user can use the scanner to analyze everything around.

as a “consumer” physics of the company’s founder and chief executive, Dror Sharon said he hoped to find can let people know the world the most depth contact applications. Characteristics of the SCiO is still short of the degree of change life, but the propagandist, said it will can be used to help, such as employed to identify the food pollution or confirm whether a drug counterfeiting.

the Israeli Hebrew university chemistry and spectroscopy expert, said: “soon, people will increase the understanding of the physical world around, this has a great impact.” Use this scanner, Dror Sharon said, “you only need to one item in the press, don’t even know what it is. The molecular structure of the instrument reading materials comparison is expanding the database, and then send additional data to your smartphone.” “I think it will change the world in many ways,” Dror Sharon said. He thinks that the instrument can be used to monitor the car tires, fuel tank, soil analysis and human body.

Dror Sharon to continue developing the device, has raised more than $2 million through the network. He expects this year will be “the world’s largest material database”, solve the scanner previous biggest limitations. Sometime next year, he wants to make the scanner to market, for $299 each sales (RMB 1860) price.

sources: tencent digital, compile: Zhang Xiaowei