How to find the former owner financing?

Ryan, a former boss of Shank for Shank start-up investment in 2014 nearly $1 million. In 2012, Alison Johnston Rue favoured by two former employer for his start-up won a $1.1 million seed round of funding. Former Goldman sachs bond traders Melissa Thompson won 6 digits in 2013 round of funding, the seeds of investors including her former supervisor, a former customers and two former colleagues, etc.

from the very trust your former boss or your colleagues to get money, is a very reasonable thing. Mhelpdesk is a start-up companies located in Sterling, va, their main business is selling enterprise management software. COO Shank believes that the development of these people are very bullish on you, and have a certain economic strength, and they had better not your competitors. Shank, said: “they know you, know that you can become their partners, they understand your strategic thinking and work enthusiasm.”

of course, make these once management you or with the person you worked with generosity, also need to pay attention to methods.

for advice first

Shank is not from the beginning for his former boss let almost seven digits. First of all, his former bosses forward to seek some advice – for example, how to get user, how to recruit talented staff, and even the former boss he received two purchase request is discussed. The former boss is a product warranty extension services firm, it also runs a risk investment company. The direction of the Shank provides a year later, his enterprise developed an interest of the Shank, and offered to provide investment for Shank.

Shank says: “I want to say is to let some people involved in your startup, let they want to help you succeed.”

this strategy of “first seek advice”, forcing you to when I was in contact with potential investors, should think of money outside of things. San Francisco online guide platform InstaEDU co-founder and CEO Johnston Rue, said: “this approach allows a founder of potential investors to see how you, you also can see your former boss, can serve as your mentors.” So far, InstaEDU received a total $5.1 million in venture capital.

Don’t too radical

if you successfully make potential investors interested in you, must pay attention not to every two hours to send a message to your former boss, want you to the relationship between the development slowly. Shank, said: “you must discern their schedule.” To help you, after all, is not their main job.

in New York online mental health counseling network and remote medical software platform for enterprise TalkSession CEO Thompson believes that hard sales can’t help you get a former boss of the investment. For those who are not willing to provide you with the investment, or unwilling to provide experience for you, you should respect their ideas, let them free to leave. Thompson said: “you shouldn’t let others feel that help is compulsory for you. Keep good relationship with others, is much more important than for investment.”

to know your product

with former boss to discuss investment while drinking coffee, natural than to make an appointment with traditional vc is much more easily. Even so, you also can’t take a joke, you should like to see traditional vc, get everything ready. Thompson said, which means that even in the most preliminary “let me introduce you to my idea” stage, you should also do market research, financial forecasts and enterprise strategy is introduced. You must make sure that all the time can take out the material, so that when you need, can at any time, citing the data. In addition, you will always be to send these documents via E-mail to each other.

in the end, to put your own savings into the enterprise, and quit your daily work full-time business, will help to make people realize that you are around in all the enterprises. Thompson said: “this approach allowed them to feel that you are trying to work. Such action, in the eyes of investors, is an important signal, it is representing you attaches great importance to their own start-ups.” (source: author: Michelle Goodman, a startup state)