: how to use the dining table li qiang O2O model increase the rate of restaurant turned Taiwan

the author: little modesty, local tyrants founder, Internet observer, weibo @ small MoQian, private add net1996 micro letter, micro letter said the public pay attention to small modest (xiaoqianshuo)

catering is a level of trillions of big market, under the tide of O2O, restaurant O2O is entrepreneurs to try first, now a mainstream O2O market is relatively mature. Both public comment on marriage tencent, coupon giant continues to erode catering market, which eat beans net to prey for food and beverage trade, strong push for little ali, take-out platform hungry after comments on investment, the industry rumours: restaurant O2O monopoly era coming, restaurant O2O business whether there is any chance?

Interview background introduction:

a table is a LBS food applications, on the user can quickly find the discount, even free of charge around the restaurant.

the small modest (WeChat net1996) and open, head of the table Li Jiangde communication, is based on the theme of “how to play restaurant O2O” carried out, and the table itself is also a so-called lunch will play artifact, starting from the lunch incoming, to catering mobile payment was made in catering for the user from singles scene, focusing on the prick silk model of small and medium-sized businesses more equal cooperation, in order to construct a big data platform catering restaurant O2O products.

market space is large restaurant O2O is tipping point

food is a class of 4 trillion market, this market is too big, can allow the coexistence of a variety of forms, could not have a monopoly, everyone will find their own professional core direction gradually.

in a restaurant in the transitional period now, comments on the group or other food products, we are in, is trying to, the entire restaurant O2O has yet to enter the mature period represented by monopolistic competition.

according to statistics, in 2012 China’s food and beverage revenue hit two trillion, but even the current has a solid market in the field of food and beverage O2O first public comments, in 2012 through the deals and coupons to help businesses realize volume also $50, but even with all the transactions for the catering trade accounted for only less than 1/400 of total, market estimates, all Internet O2O enterprise only do the catering industry is less than 1% of the market, too.

q: open the table from scratch and how to find their own survival and development in restaurant O2O opportunity?

prick silk merchants lunch/fast food businesses are in a restaurant O2O obvious characteristics, the advent of open table is based on this and open up new prospects.

a table is a regional merchants alliance form to service businesses, by means of the mobile Internet, let merchants realized passenger flow, from the customer in the consumption of other merchants into profits. In the merchants alliance, the core is a prick silk pie of small and medium-sized businesses.

now many restaurant O2O team to value a prick silk merchants as Grosvenor LTD handsome merchants, we found that prick silk merchants living condition is very difficult. Prick silk merchants itself and all catering enterprises, facing the high wages, high pressure, the rent in catering the relative is not very stable in the industry has been particularly difficult to survive. Grosvenor LTD handsome than traders, prick silk merchants itself to sell rice money less and less, in their own ability to resist risk and is not enough, difficult to under the impact of the market and Grosvenor LTD handsome as response to the crisis, businesses than Grosvenor LTD handsome merchants, the survival of the risk is greater than Grosvenor LTD handsome merchants, prick silk merchants’ these problems in the restaurant O2O entrepreneurial teams eyes, perhaps is the opportunity, is the needs of users.

q: why doesn’t open table for delivery? To do lunch?

a while ago, take-out platform hungry? Get millions of dollars in financing, and marriage and the public comments on the scenery infinite, you are saying do take-away! But is said not follow takeaway choice, but reason for lunch, primarily take-out service process of uncontrolled, involve the distribution link, the user’s complaints is very high.

for lunch merchants, he must first solve to shop, followed by considering delivery people. So the priority service to store customers. Prick silk merchants lunch survival difficult, but they still have a lot of passenger flow, completely these customers can be converted into cash, also is the Internet often said, the wool in pigs.

we calculated brushstroke zhang:

lunch merchants only 40% of their time in making money in a week, 60% of the time idle. (because only Monday to Friday noon have business lunch, don’t other business) on table is expected to help the prick silk merchants, higher efficiency to make catering business on the Internet.

in the development of the Internet, online for food and beverage enterprise development has been particularly, fight for justice, let the dream silk merchants and even the whole catering businesses can better with the Internet team equal cooperation, can be open shots of the table, and choose to segmentation, select lunch user also is right choice.

q: 60% of the idle time, restaurant o2o what they can do for a business lunch?

we focus on the Internet, and the extension of people consumption value is enormous. In every one of us on consumption, for example, lunch is spent about 400 yuan, but we have beer and skittles will cost at least $3000 a month. For the business lunch, he user consumption of 2600 yuan, and lunch hotel will be completely unrelated. If they can make money from 2600 yuan, and don’t need them to open taobao shop to run, that for the prick silk shop, is the Gospel

a vision of the table is a regional merchants industry alliance, help realize mutual diversion of passenger flow between merchants, and reasonable distribution of benefits, divided into mechanism. We help survival difficult prick silk merchants, to make money, from brand merchants from high gross margin businesses make money, this is called Robin Hood. We help brand merchants gain more traffic resources, effectively to bring its more online value, this is called the more reasonable allocation of resources.

this is a new style, is innovative in the O2O. Even a bit similar to the baidu union.

and small modest do you think a table of the future may not be limited in the field of food, the table we have to drink of beer and skittles play the opinions of the other fields such as some of the discrepancy is, in fact, we do have plenty to eat.

I mean, this scenario can be extended, and a taxi is different. A taxi scenario is small, small size, less extension. Tencent and ali use a taxi for mobile payment scenario is a kind of helpless,

we want to start from the lunch, enables users to enjoy a weekend meal industry merchants, other parties have dinner, go to drinks, cake, coffee, etc.

is now our lunch break point, because lunch is the most rigid demand, is each white-collar consumer needs to happen. Big market and strong demand.

little modesty: as far as I know, many merchants in addition to make lunch, in order to improve the retention rate of consumers, and increase their income, also can do breakfast and dinner, you should also do research before, but may be only partial. Is you go to the restaurant O2O, cuts the number of merchants in the pure lunch, have thought about how to deal with open table? Market big folio user accumulation table has great benefits, but I’m more curious is that if pure less number of merchants to make lunch, how to implement the open table for different industry alliance diversion?

open table li qiang: big market means that the “flow”, lunch is indeed a good restaurant O2O application flow entrance wow lunch consumption mainly concentrated in the more developed economy, rapid pace of life areas, such as Beijing and tianjin, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta. We have done statistics, alone the three economic zones lunch consumption to one hundred million a day, the market is big enough.

if the table can take 1%, 1 million transactions every day, every guest unit price by 15 yuan, a day is 15 million, $4.5 a month in terms of size also is only the lunch.

we will gradually increase the merchants lunch outside, it’s a rhythm control and grasp. For example, we are now beginning to increase cake for dessert, increased leisure snacks, increased coffee consumption has increased the meal, etc.

maybe this is the big data platform open table restaurant O2O dream.

such an attempt, by the users and businesses will more active promotion platform, perhaps more valuable or the grouping of data! These data with mobile payment scenario, be able to get out of the way table more commercial value. On the future of the table is hope that through these multidimensional profitability, and benefits to users and merchants, keep active and practicability of the platform, through the long-term development of the data and pay?

we table through an open platform, data flow can be converted to and from the data stream of future earnings together to gain more profits, gradually transformed into a valuable platform for the large data. We will liquidate the scene, realized the data will be realized with small and medium-sized businesses. Open, cooperation, share. For merchants, we are a complex interests. Unlike other O2O sites from catering businesses make money, what advertising ah and so on. Table is for the small and medium-sized businesses transfusion, we are closely united

q: if there is an opportunity, whether open table will choose to become a part of the BAT and other Internet giants, in the hope of a better future?

vision again good, we have to start from square one. As to who is the future, we don’t care, first confirm a table is a valuable at present we have 10000 merchants, and it develops very fast, merchant acceptance is very high for us.

service core is connected with people, core businesses subdivided into small and medium-sized businesses, clear profit model and profit model conforms to the development trend of the Internet. Table appear until now, if he has been like a mature team, open desk before the team has been O2O precision farming for eight years, has been doing local consumer life, know the small and medium-sized businesses, longer than the integration of the fragmentation of merchant services

is the core of the O2O merchants, lies in the relationship with the merchants, if the merchant is a game relation, O2O platform will be unstable restaurant O2O had frequent Revelations merchants in O2O cooperation, has not been treated fairly. Open table appeared to help small and medium-sized businesses do O2O business more equal, is also caught the core business pain points.

such as group, we believe that for most businesses, is actually let merchants vomiting blood, the customer base are go to eat a meal, in addition to the cash flow, for business there is no precipitation and long-term help. So many merchants are very hate group buying such business is not a close relationship with group, is a one-night stand or more stayover, everyone will be bargaining between, mutual game

open table do is realized for merchants to passenger flow, in its business to create profits.

business is not easy to count on table entrepreneurial experience of those failures and hinder the estimates for the future development of

in the future, we believe that our development obstacle lies in the speed of growth, and especially our service for merchants team execution ability, able to break the barriers, produce strong added value to the development of business

8 years came over, a lot of the way, they are gone, the difficult and experience. Now basically is to see our executive force under the condition of the business model is clear, actions and think important.

we think restaurant O2O is hard to do, is very scattered, strong regional, need plenty of stamina and strength. Is a big restaurant O2O platform, but the platform is very difficult to make money from food itself, he has a very low margin, but food flow with customers. Do the Internet, there is flow of business, the future development of the table or even the entire restaurant O2O in, may be derived from the conversion and cash flow.

although there are still a large restaurant O2O platform from catering businesses make money, but money from catering businesses not desirable, is not for a long time. Restaurant O2O need Internet team and offline more equal cooperation, how to explore and catering businesses into flow method, may be the future restaurant O2O team and the root of the catering business cooperation.