HP will push the first 14 inch Android notebook “Google blessings”

HP seems to follow lenovo’s, joined a let a person feel a bit strange world, in the production of pure Android notebook. However, and after the Android notebook manufacturers, production of HP the device seems to be the first to get the Google official “blessing” of the product.

HP in a promotional video, yesterday released the latest SlateBook 14. This is a carry just Android notebook. The device has 14 inch screen, 1080 p resolution; Pick up prototypes K1 processor; 2 gb of RAM, 16 gb storage space; 2.0/3.0 support HDMI, USB, support wi-fi and bluetooth; Equipped with a full size keyboard.

the most notable is, in the video appeared on the SlateBook 14 full service Google and Google Play. This means that the user can download application on Android phones are in SlateBook 14 run. Of course, this requires the user to have high tolerance.

analysts pointed out that the appearance from the system point of view, this is a magnified the Android tablet. Given the Android in the tablet on the application of ecological system is so weak, the Android system on the 14 inch laptop is unmanageable.

on the other hand, even Android appears to be abandoned for a bigger flat (10 inches) development; Google, on the other hand, in the field of traditional PC, is pushing for this. So, although HP received “the blessing of god”, but it is hard to get “general great luck or blessing god”.