HTC One chief designer “jump ship”

according to foreign media reports, science and technology industrial design to HTC and the user experience team leader Scott Croyle will departure from the company. During the term of his or her office, who focus on HTC One series mobile phone hardware design.

at present, HTC official has confirmed that Scott Croyle resignation, but declared that his departure is just the company long-term transition stage of a move. The future will still be standing to HTC smartphone at the forefront of innovation.

in continue to serve as “consultants” to HTC the role of a few months later, Scott Croyle will completely from HTC, start your own project.

sources, after Scott Croyle HTC product design, Jonah Becker will replace Scott Croyle most of the duties, bear the next generation of HTC’s flagship industrial design work of the phone.

HTC One, since the launch, the iconic metal appearance attracted some controversy. Delayed because of the production process and the yield problem HTC One supply, to a certain extent affect the market performance of HTC phones. As the HTC One’s successor, HTC M8 adopted more metal material and a integrated rate higher. Media measurement, after the general design of the mobile phone industry nearly perfect evaluation is given.

is another major personnel changes, announced HTC Sense, head of the customization system Drew Bamford, will be promoted to be entirely responsible for HTC software and services transactions, report directly to Mr. Chou.

recently, HTC seems to have become a swing sailing, continuous high officials “jump ship” is no longer let us surprised. However, Scott Croyle departure significance is unusual. This let already bad happened with HTC has much a few minutes the uncertainty in the future.