HTC to become “soft”, can you get?

hunting cloud network on August 15 (word/bookmarks editor/water Yan)

a few days ago, HTC has quietly formed the independent software department, the production of the first beta will be open to all Android version later this week.

the department called “HTC creative lab,” the software team is currently contains 260 employees, is headquartered in Seattle. The team leader is Drew Bamford. They released the first product for used HTC users should not be too strange, which has appeared in Zoe HTC parts of image processing software. This product because the exclusive closed HTC phones, and other platforms as a content sharing applications are not compatible with the embarrassment of the status quo. Have been difficult to compliment the Zoe, white spoiled with novel ideas.

in the field of the ever-changing mobile phone manufacturing, eliminated almost ruthless, fast in February this year, according to Hong Kong on authority list of global mobile phone sales in the top 10 HTC one is not on the list. In the face of such a predicament, HTC’s decision, should be looking forward to can stand on the shoulders of competitors, sell the fruits of their wisdom to more people, so as to achieve win-win.

according to foreign media’s latest news, HTC Zoe beta will be open to all Android version later this week. This news website Re/code originally from science and technology, then get the Drew Bamford confirmation.

made in HTC Zoe

in order to stimulate the user’s interest in Zoe, HTC plans to begin a cooperation with music and sports celebrities, but has yet to disclose the names of the partners. This is most similar to the method used to promote the social nature. So after the influx of users, Zoe how to keep them? this is the HTC can “soft project” the key of success.

we Zoe, here introduces the app lets users into 16 video or photos, choose the add music after subject, Zoe can automatically generate the longest 30 seconds of video. Taken in addition to edit your content, Zoe can also lets users blend films of different users, is a major characteristic.

HTC to Zoe, hope it’s not only for creating short video tools, also can become the center of the view and share content . After social picture, short video social is considered to be the mobile Internet content of the next flashpoint. Zoe’s idea is good, but in creating and mobile content on social networking, also have several companies already layout, and to get success like them and Vine startup after all.

eliminate external competition factors, even the Zoe software itself also has some limitations, such as it applies only to the latest Android version, the function of the edit option is also not many.

to know that this is a social nature of the software, to be successful, in addition to own good, also have a large number of users, create content and share. Rather than on his mobile phone as a feature, its market inspection and to Zoe ability of creativity and the expansion of HTC, Zoe may be able to bring more surprise to you.

with “open” the lead compared to large users, the banner of “exclusive characteristic application” sent by the speaker’s mobile phone sales volume is small, and is also a social applications requiring large user support.

Internet application is not good, in the extreme importance to the user experience, active users, even if you are “international companies”, “giant”, also won’t someone give you face . Recently a samsung just stumbled in the field of “exclusive characteristic application”, its half-dead music and e-book service has been turned off.

“soft” creative to HTC has brought more flexible element

from the earliest to HTC for compaq and Palm foundry, in 2006, only to develop their own brands of mobile phones, will be the third HTC entrepreneurial and creative laboratory. For HTC, make a smooth running, integrate all of the application of various service without any problems, but if you want to stand out in competition, innovative, differentiated services and the satisfaction of the user experience is more important.

HTC profound accumulation of technology have made it the biggest advantage of, since HTC decided to do independent app, believe in internal also prepared corresponding creative incubation mechanism, to ensure that the characteristics of their products, this is HTC can “soft” an institutional guarantee of success.

you win some common, in the field of hardware, stop and think decided to do software is a promising choice anyway. Through application, HTC can better and more frequent communication with users, also can reduce the distance with the user, and improve the brand affinity.

this is perhaps a bright road of HTC.