HTC to open the third journey: mobile application development industry

according to, HTC has established a software (application) in the United States the development team, its purpose is for all, including HTC smartphone brands, production has a high-quality experience of HTC software (application). This message has been received HTC official confirmation.

reports, HTC has the latest software development team in Seattle in the United States. This is called “HTC innovation laboratory” (HTC Creative Labs) group, 260 people of talent from various business units of HTC. And over the host of this team is HTC Sense UI design head Drew Bamford.

it is understood that HTC innovation laboratory will soon launch the first fruit – a used in the video, photo shooting, editing, Zoe share social application. Use this app, users can edit up to 16 video and static images, and share with other users after simple editing. Other users can to again like the video editing, etc.

Bamford in an interview on HTC into software (application) business full of confidence. He called the project following the HTC OEM mobile phone manufacturing, production of independent brand mobile phone after two major events for the third time.

it is clear that for those who have struggled to cope with hardship in hardware production OEM, transformation or make up their own sphere of influence in the field of software (application), has become a common choice. Unfortunately, the typical representative in transition, samsung, despite the huge investment, has failed to respond. Especially Zoe as a video picture social applications, whether can be in them and Vine doyen under siege, fight our way out? The outcome we is unclear, however, HTC is not willing to lay down and die.