Huaqiang north become Intel and Microsoft win back the tablet market “savior”

once dazzling Intel in the IT market slightly silence for a long time, especially in the tablet, smart phones, in the present. Intel’s silence is not long, however, recently, Intel is expected to China’s shenzhen small flat-panel makers into tablet market, hope that through parity products to major share in apple, samsung tablet on the market share.

Seek cooperation


shenzhen electronic technology development co., LTD. Is a little-known small businesses. The company specifically for the Chinese and South American electronics brand tablets and printed circuit board production. Last summer, when Intel actively seek cooperation, the general manager wang, jiang also is surprised, ever want to own a small company is one of the giants.

and, in fact, looking for Intel, it is small such as hampshire tablet manufacturers. Although Intel for a long time in a PC chip industry leading position, but its in tablet, smart phone field is little. And apple, samsung and other mainstream tablet is independent of independent research and development ARM chips, Intel temporary don’t have the aid of ARM technology.

Intel President said Renee James, Intel hopes to be able to break through the existing mode of thinking, as far as possible to take a pragmatic approach. He will assume that, “if we’re a start-up company, what will we do?”

attention shenzhen

have such idea of Intel started to look at shenzhen, trying through the offer of new technology and business cooperation to attract hampshire such small companies such as tablet supplier, although small, but has a big influence on the development of flat panel industry.

now, good development in shenzhen electronics manufacturers include ramos, taipower, manata, such as domestic brands, the manufacturers the most competitive place is the cheapest the price – apple offer to $299, and in shenzhen, 299 RMB can buy a flat. Occasionally these small manufacturers to launch branded products, but now more and more, is beginning to undertake OEM OEM business in emerging markets. Manufacturers such as yi fang also well received in the United States, including wal-mart, sales channel, the minimum can be sold at $70 par tablet. Although these cheap tablet functionality or lacking, but its price advantage is also attracted many consumers to pay for them.

according to IDC, forecast analysis, tablet shipments will be at around $245 million this year, and 44% of them will be made in shenzhen, including big companies such as lenovo, HP’s products. IDC vice President Tom Mainelli, according to a comprehensive global 200 tablet makers, five global flat-panel makers of other brands, shipments accounted for 34% in the first quarter of this year. Visible, smaller tablet makers are on the market still has a certain influence.

these small tablet makers are sometimes referred to as the “whitebox manufacturers” (white box), because of its factory sales products are usually without their own brands, but by the dealer sales. In theory this pattern also avoids the famous brand products in the market saturation of developed countries. According to IDC data analysis, global tablet shipments will grow 3% in the first quarter of the year, small-scale enterprise shipments grew by 13%, growth trend is obvious.

all-round support plan

cheap tablet is possible, mostly due to the competition between the ARM chip maker, mediatek including China Taiwan and mainland China’s core microelectronics. Recently, Intel has struck a deal with red core microelectronics, red core microelectronics in the future will be based on Intel’s technology development and sales of chip products.

Intel CEO pronounced this year will have 40 million tablet by Intel’s technology. To achieve this goal, Intel actively cooperate with relevant enterprises, through the chip discounts, provide financial support for the one-time technology services such as compensation in the form of reducing losses produced by partners to abandon the original ARM architecture. Hampshire mentioned above is from Texas instruments ARM chips to examples of Intel chips. Wang, jiang said, gain the benefits of cooperation.

“we met with technical problems, Intel sent engineers to cooperate with us for a month and a half. In order to solve the problem, sometimes work overtime to 10:30 p.m. and even in the middle of the night. When there is a shortage of parts, Intel has to communicate with suppliers, make sure we get the required parts.”

as several Chinese tablet brand foundry, wang, jiang said, hampshire chip purchasing this year will be fully to Intel.

story is similar in the blues on the enterprise.

the blues manager Wan Qiuyang said, not only help Intel blue devil found new overseas customers, also provides a native extension support. He also talked about, said Intel’s management has also encouraged them, ramos is possible lenovo as the size of the future. “After all, our size is too small, at first I just thought that it was a joke. However, Intel’s many partners later developed into the big brands.”

Wan Qiuyang, digs the projected sales flat 1.2 million units this year, more than 70% will use Intel chips, others use of mediatek products.

China mobile business development director at Intel Stephanie Hallford said that Intel has taken other measures, including reference Chinese chip maker, since last year launched a “reference design” – has been highly finished plate design, is advantageous for the vendors can in the shortest possible one month will finish the production. Hallford also revealed that Intel will speed up the chip development, to match the fast product cycles in China.

Microsoft “peer”

shenzhen as Intel technology giants can be more than a land of opportunity. Wan Qiuyang revealed, always hope to be able to reverse the Android dominated by Microsoft, last year began with shenzhen enterprises to discuss cooperation.

Microsoft promised this year, will be provided free of charge for 9 inches below the equipment operating system, able to persuade Wan Qiuyang decided to launch two pick up Windows 8 tablets of the system. He said that in the future also plans to release more of these products.

responsible for maintaining good relationship with Microsoft and Windows equipment manufacturers, Nick Parker last month in Taipei Computex trade show that Microsoft has begun in the past year in shenzhen and other Chinese cities contact new manufacturing partners.

although has the giants such as Intel, Microsoft support, but if the giants such as apple, samsung original market price corresponding counter, and provide more high quality service, the small suppliers will face greater pressure. The United States ABI Research analyst Jeff Orr is predicted, other businesses, in turn, these small and medium enterprises development. But for now, shenzhen these small suppliers are facing demand is considerable.