Hui next door, after the meat chain super precipitation members

avoid exaggerated said, then say bad things first, traditional business super, check-out queues that why always can’t get a good solution. More than I should be a people poking fun at checkout the , queuing time accounts for a quarter to the supermarket. Internet companies, no one thought of reform under the things?

banter finished, introduces project next door remit today, although they did not solve the above problem, but they can solve the problem of another, evoke the traditional business assets over the sleeping “members”. That is to say, users leave business super, membership will also has always had a connection and business super , super can wake up on the mobile end users, to get rid of traditional marketing message, more the other option. Business is send next door to become members super large chain of digital precision marketing solution provider .

but on the whole, the neighborhood hui is a 2 b project in the first place. they choose and the local merchants cooperation, each city only a local largest supermarket chain, brand effect and the local big business is important to advance period has to cultivate a good member dimension . How can you win the market, back to the team, co-founder and vice President of operations Zheng Huan, previously served as mengniu chain super channel director, channel operation and has certain accumulated resources. And President asurada himself, do the media before, after serving enterprises, boe patriot. In dacheng food (the largest supplier of chicken) is responsible for the market.

2 b this point at present, the neighborhood remit, super free APP. The situation is, traditional business profit source to remove the front desk of gross margin, geared to the needs of slotting fees charged by supplier, promotion fees and other fees account for nearly 7 business super profits into . But the current policy regulation of the strengthen gradually, this part of the profits are also started to fall. Operations, store cost and artificial cost increase, e-commerce take away a large number of young and middle-aged customers. Traditional business super also looking for looking for a new mobile Internet solutions. Remove all sorts of above-mentioned, the super biggest asset, accumulated member for many years, is the next should activate point .

the neighborhood remit partners super development APP, and traders do data through super membership system, for users, loyalty points, promotional information, consumption statistics can understand at any time. For business super, mobile users of dynamic data is their most useful assets in the future. can provide data to help do fine operation. So that the future of the one thousand thousand show possible promotional advertising .

for remit next door, they do solution is the role of suppliers, now they are not in business than this fees, nor from the user this charge, so the future should be in the operational management point to explore the profit way . Mobile DM such as: brand suppliers, collect charge next door display advertising, according to the detailed user operational data to do suppliers tail cargo handling and super into etc.

business, hui next door is a good story, but back to this end, the user whether they accept accurate user information marketing, application of loyalty points and consumption statistics, promotions can stick them is also a test. If future business over this side is not so hard to do application promotion, customer acquisition to the rhythm of the sustainable?

after all, reverse business ultra stick really think in the Internet to service users, application is not just that simple. So far, with “haidilao thinking” of traditional business super really rare. So if: thinking the same, then technical means to lose meaning .

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