Hui next door, help business super awakening members “sleeping”

selling technology is much less than the selling services to the persistent, the latter has more imagination space.

pangu observatory 12 floor of hui conference room next door, opposite can be seen near the bird’s nest and water cube. Select the location of the office on this quite tall, it is a little reason.

“and the traditional enterprise cooperation, not too shabby, need to show the enterprise strength . Point a cigarette, the neighborhood exchange President asurada said: if the face of the customer is not a local traditional large business super, we will also consider entrepreneurship in a more cost-effective.

to start with, the hui do is 2 b of live next door, but the final foothold in 2 c. So to describe the neighborhood and he is a member of super large chain with digital precision marketing solutions provider. popular point is that traditional business super net, but this is not a dragonfly water .

here is not to say what are the problems facing traditional business super now, the electricity of the Internet super shock to turn merchants pay attention can realize completely. There are a little, is the traditional business owned by the member system, though large, but has always been a weak link.

activate them, this is collect things after next door. evoke traditional business assets over the sleeping “membership” . First of all, this is 2 b, is more important than artificial, difficult to negotiate. But free is a killer. Hui select next door and local merchants cooperation, each one of the biggest cities only, seeing the brand effect and big business is a leading period cultivated revitalize the members of the dimension but no depth.

how to take down, back to the founding team, three central figures, asurada, Zheng Huan, Mr Wang. Three people who are the patriots colleagues. President asurada beginning in the xinhua news agency, has to go to the Beijing Oriental, patriot, dacheng group (the largest supplier of chicken) is responsible for the market. Zheng Huan operations vice President, Chinese academy of sciences master’s graduates, a former mengniu KA chief operating officer, is a good channel. Marketing vice President wang Yang, a former Taiwan bada innovation technology co., LTD., chairman of the special assistant HuaPan technology co., LTD., Beijing general manager and so on, is good at negotiating.

free APP is done first, for one thousand thousand surface play basal . Remit partners next door super APP development, all for free. And traders do data through super membership system, to the user, members of the integral, promotional information, consumption statistics can understand at any time. For business super, revitalize the sleeping member, weak links become strong. Don’t be a net prestige projects and so-called dragonfly water.

to expand faster, asurada after a cigarette, “in two years, averaged 20 city next door”. Now launched a, both in the development, and a walk in the agreement signature process. Online is and wuhan from best group development “palm from best”. Talk about 30, spent 3 months under the asurada want is to make the first cooperation of super a benchmarking. There are already 500000 handheld users. The second sign of anhui red mansion time is short, a month and a half.

For current remit next door,

2 b project through actually began by half, in the future all the focus is to return to the level of operating . This is their core business model. There are the four plates, mobile digital membership card, the user can be prepaid phone consumption in the future. Mobile e-commerce, seconds kill, coupons, coupon. Mobile advertising, suppliers, move the DM.

the last plate is a core, the future large data precision marketing platform and value-added services. Revitalize the user data, the data will be more precise, the the business data can reverse feeding back to the traditional business super, also can do precise marketing . For example, the current development of handheld from best neighborhood remit can place real estate advertising, housekeeping, classifieds ads, these ads placed to direct user accurately, the premise of the difficulty is to find the user can meet the demand of this kind. So this promising concept still need to walk a long time in the future. Asurada time “have to” 2 years are presented.

actually, summarize the point of view it is not hard to see, send next door is a combination of B2B + B2C. Service super, super net, the depth of the operation, get user, analyze data, precision marketing. This is a closed loop, aroused the sleeping assets, but also completed the win-win.

the neighborhood remit

time: April 2012

company: neighborhood hui (Beijing) technology co., LTD.


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