Humans have been unable to stop Tizen, samsung first Tizen smart TV

always stirs in software of samsung, the joint self-developed Tizen operating system has high hopes. Recently, the samsung smart TV shows the first pick up Tizen system prototype. This means that the Tizen system has landed smart watches, smart hand ring, smart phone, smart TV platform, digital cameras, and other equipment. In the case of a missed the best development period, Tizen have begun the crazy promotion strategy.

by scene display pictures, Tizen smart TV and previous similar Web OS smart TV system. Grid layout of the user program more intuitive, fluid mobile control applications, system response quickly.

samsung repeatedly stressed that this is just a look at the prototype, it doesn’t mean Tizen smart TV will be listed in a short time.

in the field of smartphone, tablet, etc, has been basically without shake iOS and Android, samsung hope can be in more, updated open for Tizen expanding soil on the battlefield. Both the Gear 2 and now smart TV, these areas are still in bud period, samsung is not completely without hope of success.

especially in intelligent household industry, samsung has the first mover advantage of furniture products and if you can cut down the price (better is to get more support oems), samsung may with Android a scrap. The key problem is that the Tizen want to catch in Android, iOS, in the development of other areas before maturity, established a relatively complete ecological system.

after hunting cloud network reported that samsung will be released this week, the world’s first smartphone with a Tizen system.