Hungry? : a set of system is worth $500 million

the author: Loosechange

two weeks on the hungry yao was the public comments on a $80 million investment, value 500 million, split to 300 employees, all are millions of elder sister, brother millions. This kind of situation, very rare, this Whatsapp happened in the United States, this is the first in China.

some people think it is Fried in concept, some people think that this is the trick of capital, and people feel hungry it is fundamentally a blow out, guest unit price below 30 prick silk artifact, will be finished next year. In my opinion, it is not so easy as you want to. Bernard shaw has a word: some people only see the surface of things, they ask why, but I do imagine things as they never were, I don’t ask why?

Part 1 soft rib of hungry?

the first hungry weakness in where? To tell the truth, I personally appreciate with another delivery platform of Shanghai is more – point me, the radiation scope limited to the Shanghai, hangzhou, the two cities. Have along abundant express delivery of team — commonly known as “knight”, GIS geographical navigation handheld smartphone, helmets, the four seasons different overalls, nearly 20000 marki, a full set of equipment, and similar delivery schedule of the United States Grubhub appeared in real time, even annoying after a timeout, there will be a moving apology E-mail, as well as the integral or other forms of compensation. Stronghold me Dai Renguang operations director tell me, their guest unit price as high as 100 +, I doubt this number, but a folded, there are 50 pieces. In terms of area, point me in the user’s restaurant order, guest unit price is high for a reason.

poor is fixed point me only now become a professional distribution platform, platform, at least doing something I bad platform UI and core merchant rebates on pure distribution fee + 15% of the profit model is ruined his future.

, by contrast, there is no doubt that hungry? Lack a distribution team. Zhang Xuhao and Kang Jia started in 2008, have built a “rice to expedite” distribution, but lasted less than 1 year to abandon, is said to be at the time this is too much for some students, ever hungry? There is no concept of the distribution.

although hungry? Friends say with me yesterday will be launched in three to four months after delivery, the restaurant can choose in Napos system and replace with your butt joint of logistics. While convenient restaurant and, hopefully, create a batch of “rapid spike” regional logistics team, set up ecological system based on restaurant food distribution, but people do not look good, because the shipping cost is higher than the logistics industry in the city, catering delivery timeliness and requirement for temperature preservation, after all, in a sense is higher than that of cold chain.

the guest unit price less than 30 yuan for the low-end market can have a strong performance and power in the late? In the high-end restaurants don’t buy hungry yao zhang, earn money all prick silk, also cannot achieve full coverage on the field. Therefore, the public comments on the resources, in the high-end restaurant is hungry? Want the most. Public comments in terms of information and comprehensive development of a strong, strong and hungry? Is offline for restaurant to understand and grasp, as well as the relations with merchants continued service ability. The cooperation is 1 + 1 & gt; 2 decision – public comments need to go hungry? Delivery business of restaurant O2O actual ground, hungry now also need the public comments on the restaurant data, traffic, trade entry.

the public comments on set the horizontal platform, hungry now intensively farmed in the field of longitudinal vertical benefits like a a transverse and longitudinal, is just a “T” word, here I smiled. For now hungry? Want to rely on the mass flow rate of inlet to gain high weight of the unit price for future IPO valuation, the difficulty lies in how to make the office office’s junior partner in the Chinese spend fifty dollars to eat a bowl of “diao ye ramen” rather than call a bowl of lanzhou noodles and parsley.

Part 2 valuable place

cheap place that valuable place in where?

hungry? The most confidential and most don’t want to mention is the set of system, that he will focus on below.

hungry? Reservation system for the whole platform, can be divided into website platform system, mobile terminal applications, online payment system, business background, restaurant management system, unified database platform, unified system service integration interface.

? Website platform system. Website platform to provide users with the surrounding catering information summary, classification, search and order, based on the unified development pattern and rich development interface to the organic integration of surrounding restaurant information. User input on the map around the address, by hungry? Can query the database to provide a fast food restaurant list of services to be delivered to the outside surrounding, can also according to the delivery time, price, popularity, evaluation of star and cuisines taste, choose their favorite restaurant and then select their favorite food order. Users don’t have to save the restaurant phone and take-out menus, does need go hungry website can complete the query to your order of all functions.

? Mobile terminal applications. Mobile terminal applications website platform is more prominent than mobility and convenience, so hungry? Compared to the mobile client application website platform made some functional differences. Reservation for further optimization of the function and the derived from the function, greatly expanded the user use hungry scenario, enrich the product function.

? Online payment system. For users and the restaurant provides a convenient way to online settlement. Daily meals outside article because the amount is small, so the change and settlement for the user and restaurant is a headache. Through the hungry yao’s online payment system, users and settlement restaurant directly on the website.

? Business background system. O2O model is the need to rely on offline and online combined together development, so hungry that depends on the development of a complete set of ERP system. Business background system direct docking hungry? Database platform, the platform in the vast restaurant and menu information and real-time management control market activity. As well as accurate data statistics system, which can be convenient to monitor each region, each time period of business development, achieve the target.

? Restaurant management system. Restaurant for a complete set of information solutions, help the restaurant more efficient in daily management. Order processing and order of these queries directly to simplify the procedure of restaurant phone orders. And restaurant management system greatly optimize the printing experience, through hungry? Provide POS printer, you can print out one key sell orders, without any pop-up prompts. The other printer driver installation and maintenance is very automated, a key installation and repair. From the restaurant information update and menu management real-time management and update their online information. Through the CRM customer management system, restaurant can easily view your own user, and can do it on the basis of the secondary marketing promotion. By online payment account management, restaurant can manage your account at any time delivery receipts, and receiving direct purchase hungry? SAAS services and paid services.

? Unified database platform. Adopt advanced Linux + MySQL data center architecture, data stored a lot of restaurants, user data and order data. Unified database meets the platform website platform, mobile terminal applications, online payment system, business background system and restaurant management system of data storage and query requests. In addition, for the sake of performance on the restaurant table and order table split, meet the vast users and the request of the restaurant. Concurrent performance and scalability, and further improve the system to do with the expansion of business, the whole system architecture need not do big changes automatically adjust.

? The unified service integration interface. Adoption of SOA architecture (service-oriented architecture) to build the system of the platform of information transmission and communication. Each subsystem communication is no longer directly through the database directly, but through a unified service interface. So to avoid the repetition of logic and code, and unified the business logic of the system, and the whole system more reliable controllable.

the hungry platform closely integrated through the above several subsystems, and constantly update and upgrade maintenance, each subsystem is constantly meet greater business requirements, and provide stable service for users and the restaurant.

after the author after Napos platform management system and CRM software Walle, I introduce emphatically finally:

there are two sets of software in hungry yao played a core role in the restaurant backend software collaborative CRM software Walle Napos and sales.

Napos is “hungry” for restaurant background management software development, marketing team will be in early in most parts of the software is free to access “hungry” restaurant. Through this software, the restaurant can be efficient management delivery orders and the cashier on the net, can also serve as a normal restaurant background management software, processing eat-in order situation, etc.

the CRM software Walle is for the internal staff development. Hungry to push staff, after entering an unfamiliar area, based on past hungry? Accumulated data and the method of experience, he was able to know how to contribute to the cooperation, how much cost, budget, revenue in scope, these indicators on the basis of the previous data are standardized. Through the sales coordination function, in the same city sales staff to know his teammates today “sweep the street” in that area, so as to avoid when it comes to sales made useless. And Walle can let each sales personnel to see all the city’s team, as well as his teammates sales performance, and use the other incentives for performance of sales staff members.

control of core technology patent, for the whole company in both finance and on the IPO is a free and do nothing. If you said that the 300 people in 34 cities expansion have much cattle, personally, I prefer investors out of the system, and find little platform at present as well as the object of imitation.

Part 3 spell is on the food supply chain transformation

homogeneity is in China’s Internet survive must experience setbacks, believe that this article has before and after the release, or there will be more and more people to imitate hungry? This system, trying to piece of the pie, even a bite. Data show that total delivery market in 2015 is 70 billion, with the public comments/beauty to eating out may be small luxury, delivery is just need. O2O offline to online transfer is not simple, but full service chain, to do it, need to fully understand the service sector, in the service of the service industry. Now almost no company focusing on these, help the restaurant solve demand, just in the capital, play concept, truly implement the point-to-point and who?

here again the way point I, individuals with respect to logistics PeiSongYe friends. They have recently launched a new little delivery channels and baidu map, and responsible for the delivery of some restaurants, no interests overlap between platform, just one more flow entrance.

back to the hungry, the critique to hungry? $5 $valuation is also to encourage independent platform to come forward, after all, now business is not easy, just 4 ~ 5 years time, to send bento walk-on up is not easy. Restaurant O2O do bad, or because offline traditional catering industry lag behind, to see who could lead the league in food supply chain transformation, who can do O2O cow force, maybe 5 years, this process can also be 10 years.