I check the CCTV exposure: pay fifty thousand to modify the price

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute bin

yesterday, CCTV “weekly quality report” exposure comparison software check “I”, “the survey” I check “, “the comparison exposure check” I “in the program software has many problems, in order to show the wine products, for example, he first put the businesses products target is very low, the price is very low, consumers if search terms will certainly to choose low price, and low price products in software stores in reality does not exist. Business side is need to pay the fifty thousand annual membership fee to change the price to normal.

exposure for the weekly quality report, I check responded: “my check is a business platform, to face the society, to the credibility is the foundation of the enterprise. Thank CCTV as we made a free advertising, business super price once review warehousing, anyone has no right to make changes without permission.” Then, today’s “excerpt” and exposes “I check,” program confirmed “I check the” query information comparison software is allowed to.

‘s response to the “I see”, I think it is totally meaningless chicanery, distracting and the topic is not a reason to not responsible for. If you don’t have so big of strength, why do so big of the estate? It’s not very funny? CCTV programs, according to thousands of merchants importers to resist, can’t the point?

similar fake 315 website style

a lot of people are now accustomed to sweep out with software that bar code, take a look at the price, the results of some sweep out ridiculously low prices, thought the seller pit himself, the key now is the truth, it turns out that the software simply couldn’t find the true and false!

if you look carefully, “I see” business model, the 315 sites and those fake a routine, trouble with false information, misleading information to the enterprise, and then let companies spend tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands to buy his members, can solve the information by themselves.

a comparison industry, according to people I have been in the industry are referred to as rogue software check. While another wine people told me: “as early as the exposure that I check, is our wine companies cancer! Company complaints received business department for many times, I check the price. Also check the communication with me many times, complaints, the defendant to remove, maintenance fee and barcode fee, as high as tens of thousands of yuan, and bar code, the more the more fees! Called on all enterprises to resist me see together!”

in addition to the wine industry, FMCG industry also fell, do a FMCG netizen said: “this is a fact, and modify the price is very high, I’ve worked for the company is to spend money to buy the price of the product code protection to let others can’t change my price, if people didn’t bought randomly changed we’ll have to spend money.” There is a net friend is quipped: “I check software name, you know? , make money to change, I just change the price. News broadcast reports I check the price of software on most of them are false, price low, dissatisfaction with the merchandisers to do, you pay the money will give you change, don’t make money let you go bankrupt.”

a netizen according to CCTV to provide method to query the local price of a product, it also found “I see” problems, everyone happy fish shop early peak was closed a year ago, everyone had to withdraw from liuzhou market, but still have quote “I check”, can be seen from the “I see” how false, response is just excuses.

after I check the famous bloated

the domestic APP market, which can achieve terror of 210 million downloads? And what was downloaded 210 million APP design so bad? Check is not because “I” won the China commodity database half LongDuanShi authorization, consumers have a rigid comparison requirements, but can’t choose the better software, and so this is the “I see” ego inflation.

to my personal experience, the use of CCTV reports should have the facts. Check “I” in the manner of China commodity information bar code resources with half monopoly and rent-seeking colour, presumably insider.

a net friend also told me: “I have transparent check published a large number of commodity prices, to gain people’s identity, authority, and tamper with the all new brand price, dealers and customer complaints, a new brand to its aid, was asked to annual registration fee of $8000.” A friend who do mobile phone also said: “before such companies too have no sense of responsibility, have a classmate gave me a bottle of cylinder is filled with red wine, normal price is in at least 80 yuan, I check a sweep, only 9 9, was annoyed, thought students use inferior wine for my drink, to find the reason now!”

so, what do you think you use “I check” to check the low price is accurate? Do you think this software to present a cheap source of accurate? See, many businesses have been seriously affect sales, under the condition of being forced to pay huge to return to normal price, if some Internet users are willing to believe the rogue software, so you don’t have to go to business to ask price in the future.

“I check” ego inflation, excessive commercialization, neglected the product itself, deviated from the original intention. Product lost, objective and fair, has turned its back on the customer requirements. Some companies can function to replace it. I check will find that it’s proud of users, does not belong to it.