I Guess You Just Roll the Dice Some Times

The boss and I have been looking for a way to get out of the mess we are in, most of which is simply close to embezzlement by his predecessor. At any rate we came to the conclusion that we either had to get some big orders or we would have to think about closing the doors. We did some research and realized that the best target was a guy with a huge weakness. I suppose it might be a bribe or something, but it worked. The sales manager knew exactly what to ask the Las Vegas escort agency for, a specific type of really hot girl. She had flaming red hair and this girl was simply sizzling hot. You could tell that she knew it too. I went to coach her up and she started teasing me and telling her that no one ever had to use the hard sell for what she had to offer. Without any prompting she showed me exactly what she meant and seemed to be ecstatic at the reaction, it probably looked as though I had swallowed my tongue.

We did not really care if she did anything that might be considered illegal or immoral, we correctly assumed that she would be able to get his name on the dotted line with nothing more than the prospect of that. I doubt that she was smart enough to become a doctor or anything, but when it comes to what we asked her to do, this girl was a stone cold genius. The client was wrapped around her finger in about three seconds flat and she got exactly what we wanted in another three seconds. When it was over she seemed to be incredibly excited by what she had done to that poor guy. She told the boss to get lost and asked me if I was any good in the dark.