IBM is committed to investment of $3 billion over five years, power 7 nm chip development

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IBM commitment on Wednesday, will be in five years of semiconductor r&d spending $3 billion, a move to appease their customers, to let them know that drive IBM hardware and software business will continue to upgrade the underlying technology.

IBM said the money will be used to solve the company’s two big task – to overcome traditional silicon chip circuit miniaturization technology barriers, to reduce the power consumption at the same time develop alternative materials and technology to improve the computing speed. IBM on r&d expenditure $6.2 billion last year. Its latest plan to maintain the existing basic chip r&d investment scale, has not improved.

but the company said, for now, strengthening plan is particularly important to keep the chip r&d investment scale, especially in the low-end of selling using Intel chips to lenovo server, after the deal will allow IBM rely more on other server using its chips and large computer business.

“we don’t want someone will confused.” IBM software and systems business, senior vice President Steven Mills said, “we need to strengthen the long-term commitment of existing hardware platform.”

another issue is the fate of IBM chip manufacturing, the business is now manufacturing products for IBM autonomic system, and other customers. Spring of this year, a person familiar with the matter said, Globalfoundries is in talks to buy IBM’s a factory is located in New York, but so far no deal was announced. IBM and Globalfoundries spokesman for possible acquisitions declined to comment.

other computer makers in order to save money and investment are far away from the chip. The development of new semiconductor technology cost is very big, while running chip plant will cost more. Now to build a factory needs at least $5 billion.

Roger Kay, an analyst said that IBM may while maintaining the independent design chips to partners such as Globalfoundries requirements processing and manufacturing services. Research and development of important information is IBM will chip, but do not want to pay for this process.

the subtle changes in the IBM research and development strategy, highlight the through narrowing the transistors on the chip and other accessories to squeeze profits, is becoming increasingly difficult. The speed of innovation and the number of transistors on the chip is doubling about every two years.

one of the world’s biggest chipmaker Intel today forced to announce a new product launch to slightly delay. Reduces the size of the technology on the microprocessor to 14 nm. Today is 22 nm many Intel products.

, Intel and other producers said the plans for the next two generations of chip production process at least have confidence, and hopefully will be circuit size shrink to seven nanometers. But the cost of this technology is huge. New technology from the traditional optical production definition of miniature circuit boards.

IBM, and other company has been committed to the holistic development. IBM said some of its chip seminars to help overcome the problem of shrinking circuits on silicon chips, the circuit will shrink to seven nanometers, and more.

meanwhile, IBM also describes a set of esoteric topic, including using graphene instead of silicon. Other research interests include computer synapses – unlike traditional computer, it will be like the human brain work. There is “quantum” calculation, it is discussed for a long time research, using the subatomic particles.

is Rick, Doherty said for IBM, link risk and update the computer not just base silicon is very meaningful. So said IBM as a cautious roulette.