IBM’s $1 billion dowry for chip business, seduce, Romania’s son-in-law

, IBM in order to be able to persuade, Romania’s (fab) took over the long-term losses, and powerless chip manufacturing business, decided to take out $1 billion for a dowry to his “old girl” married. Unfortunately, analysts say, Romania, to marry the bride, will cost at least $2 billion, can keep the overhead of home.

sources, IBM chip business losses of at least $1.5 billion a year, while the annual revenue only accounts for 2% of total revenue than. According to IBM’s earnings in the first quarter of 2014, its chip sector revenue fell 17% year on year. Obviously, for IBM, sell the hot potato has become the best choice.

media reports that both sides of the negotiations have been conducted for a period of time, but there is a huge differences in details. IBM, Romania, attracts patents in the field of chip manufacturing, prefer to play the role of IBM chip suppliers. IBM is eagerly desire, Romania, flange quickly.

however, Romania’s are not not so smart. Although it can barely swallow the big bone, but IBM fab annual maintenance costs are likely to drag on, Romania.

analysts point out that IBM in the game, will also cause grace for a period of time. Only half to compromise yourself less.