Ice bucket challenges thrown on the way of business, unknown ties between leaders and uneasiness

cloud network hunting: cold water? On a plain boiled water, originated in the United States intended for public welfare activities of the ice bucket challenge to detonate IT industry all over the world! Attract the attention of the world, also attracted a lot of buzz. So between the roll and named bosses, what link?

the author: linkedin, China

“ice bucket challenges” recent fire through the world, the rule is to upload your photos or videos of the pour a bucket of ice water, and specify the following three friends to accept the challenge. Being challenged challenger must be made within 24 hours, or to the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) related charity donations of $100.

a few weeks, both giants in silicon valley and the sports stars, are joining the boom. The IT industry and business leaders to challenge each other has become a spectacle industry, let’s pick a steak “ice bucket challenge” behind, bosses what unknown ties between ~

challenging each other between bosses and what lurks a mystery? In fact, the “ice bucket challenge” is not just a game, take you into the “ice bucket challenge” LinkedIn, see it thrown to us what kind of business way:

1) the water splashed out, carrying the Ta, effective use of connections, achievement goal workplace

bosses is how to develop? Can have various interpretations from different angles, but if we can from the “ice bucket challenge” the answer is: contacts.

we saw the governor of New Jersey, a challenge to zuckerberg, saw the NFL star challenge Microsoft CEO, to see the old bill challenge wired editor in chief, also saw lei jun challenge singer Andy lau, you may see what they have in common is a cross-border challenges, but you may not know that zuckerberg had $100 million donation that the public schools in New Jersey, star for the Microsoft advertising dubbing, Microsoft is the focus of the wired report objects, and lei jun liu dehua to make a dialogue of tsinghua university.

they are not as surface think none of left, crossover network provides more opportunities for dialogue and exchanges, and make them outside of the industry in more ways to develop my own business. are you still stay in their own small circle? Go out to meet more people.

self-made bosses for the biggest wealth accumulation in the struggle is contacts, look at all the business of homeless, they are mostly use contacts. “ice bucket challenges” of the diagram, the challenge between foreign bosses tend to be based on a peer relationship or friendship in silicon valley, while the domestic is much more complicated, with industry peers, competitors, investors, partners, and common participation of crossover star.

why Liu Zuohu challenge Zhou Hongyi? Weeks and why challenge xiao-ping xu? Is very simple, because they are either investment relationship, or cooperation, both sides have a common interest.

if you are a Boss, how to contact can support your strength, support ably, and maintain long-term and stable cooperation? If you are a employee, how to gain the trust of the boss stable and opportunity, how to creating your own personal development platform?

this is, of course, there are a lot of a lot of work to do, but “ice bucket challenge” tells us that don’t look down upon any one can be the opportunity to “seduce”, about a cup of coffee at a time, a tweet @, or a common challenge in ice water experience, may let you investors, Boss, partner see you attractive traits, fitting in is just a matter of time.

in lei jun, for example, he challenged the Andy lau, gou and robin li, a singer is used to compete, one is the supplier’s boss, one is the strategic alliance, influence and business and cooperation with all, seemingly playful purposes in business mind careful consideration.

in the diagram of “ice bucket challenge”, we can also find a few of old enemy. “Ice bucket challenge” is in the form of screwing, or through the game “a smile sip life”? Is to the opponent’s provocation, or the witness of friendship in private?

to challenge rivals, not just “friends and enemies also mind, is also a efficient way to attract attention. Or football game, NBA players to face his former club or rivals often attention by exponentially, because there are conflicts, a critical point, let a person look forward to. in the workplace, if you encounter such a situation, don’t be afraid, you know, it’s your Show Time.

2) zach spilt, bill spilt, finish LeiJunPo fat spilt linkage effect, demonstration effect and

through the ages, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, in many cases again and again to prove that the Boss’s appeal. The “ice bucket challenge” activity since two months ago, the real peak appeared in zuckerberg, Bill Gates, lebron James “sort”. Is different from the small circle within the scope of the charity dinner, after the success of the “ice bucket challenge against a challenge three friends, degree of execution is geometrical times growth; And the use of social networking and video communication tool, and the widespread influence of celebrity is hit continue to rise.

if you want to be inside the industry or company carry out a large project, supported by the boss, let the influential platform for, to get quick results.

after the demonstration effect to follow the linkage effect, employee linkage, the whole industry company will also be linked up. “Influence” in the book a big principle “social influence” is pointing to the people will follow with the similar procedure, from the same group of persuasion is abnormal effective (reply 140 , look at the weekend in | “influence” six big principles: how to effectively persuade others?” ) . In sales, when circumstances similar to satisfied customers and potential customers, satisfied customers say most can play that role.

for managers in the company introduce new measures, the experience is very useful. Suppose you are going to streamline department working process, and a group of older workers expressed resistance, you personally to convince these employees to believe that the benefits of the measures, it is better to get one to support the move old employees in the team to support speech at the meeting. One of his old workmates do statement more convincing than the boss. In short, influence in horizontally rather than vertically, play the best effect.

if you can comprehensive operation demonstration effects and linkage effects, affecting more bosses and peers, you are more likely to make the target of “dumping”, as the silicon valley and China’s Internet industry is in a bucket of ice water readily “dumping” as before.

3) want to wet Ta, first know Ta heart – “ice bucket challenges” in social interaction and self-actualization

in the famous maslow’s hierarchy of needs, social needs (or “Love and sense of belonging” Love and belonging) and self-actualization needs is a higher level in the pyramid. “ ice bucket challenge” for the business cooperation or the raise activity provides a sample, if we can meet at the same time the participants with the audience and self-actualization needs of social contact, this activity is very successful.

athletes, politicians, entertainers, executives, and even the mascot of the university sports teams, through the “ice bucket challenge” gathered in the same circles. This is actually a meet the demand of communication products, each of the participants are consumers, they focus on such a product is help to improve their social image.

management of a company, you can create a chance for social intercourse between colleagues, support staff to find and establish the harmonious interpersonal relationship, carry out organized sports and collective party, can be a collective marathon, can be a board game, can also be a collective “ice bucket challenge”, when employees experience together under the water splash of shaking with pleasure, shouted together maybe they will no longer be only work to maintain relationship between colleagues.

the need of self-actualization is the highest level, is simply to realize their own potential, to become the ideal. From this level, “ice bucket challenge” is also a consumer, consumers have their own judgment of product standards, “ice bucket challenge” give people a feeling positive help charity, let people feel funny than challenge is meaningful crowd behavior.

in addition, it is the rules of the design is very clever, very reach the designated position, to people’s psychological balance seems to be a choice, in fact to caring people especially have social status in the name of the people, even if challenged in ice water to wet body movement, also can choose to donate money. And for people who don’t want to challenge also provides a clear decent way to cope with the situation, don’t play games since named give it a love money! Do as you like it!

either to charity or to do business, grasp the psychological demand of people is very important. nullnullnull