IDC: as long as don’t give up Microsoft WP, four years after the market share of 6.4%

according to five years later, the Android phone shipments will reach 1.4 billion units, “control” smartphone market completely. Here are the other important data of the report:

, 2014 global smartphone shipments will exceed 2014, rose 23.1% last year compared to the same;

Android, occupy 80.2% of global smartphone shipments in 2014, to 997.7 million units. IOS ranked second for 184.1 million units, accounted for 14.8%;

, market share of WP will break through 5% by 2018, accounted for 6.8% of global smartphone shipments;

, despite four years later, the Android’s market share fell slightly, but they are still the biggest players in the smartphone market.

, statistics show that from 2013 to 2018, the global smartphone’s fastest-growing is “other” mobile phone system, growth of 31.5%;

the blackberry smartphone, still linger in 2018, the market share of only 0.3%.