If model andie Google: samsung, will pay $2 billion for the bill

samsung and apple has erupted in the relevant design patent infringement “of the second world war”. Interestingly, samsung are not alone this time, it stood behind a kind heart and rich andie – Google.

a few days ago, one apple in court to show evidence that Google is committed to samsung, will be to take on some apple sued by the patent infringement responsibility. Not only that, if samsung eventually losing a lawsuit with apple, Google will provide the part or all of the economic losses. The this “agreement” involving the apple the proposed four of the five patents combination .

so far, samsung and Google did not respond positively.

apple sued samsung in since last week which include “slide to unlock” and so on a number of design patents. Let a person feel some shocking is that apple asking for compensation for more than $2 billion. Samsung earlier declared himself did not infringe apple patents. Then samsung lawyer said that apple is the lion big openings, even to samsung for compensation, the total cost of these patents is a mere $38.4 million.

according to Google’s “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” (Mobile Application Distribution Agreement), such as samsung Android Allies have the right to use must be in strict accordance with the “regulations” also use Gmail and other Google services. At the same time, the agreement also let Google has the responsibility to protect samsung and other Allies. However, this time apple exposure of the mail, for the first time, so simply shows us the Google this andie, how love and trying to protect their own “children”.