If, no longer worry friend forget me information!

recently on the Android platform if you are a pretty interesting IM applications. Exaggeration to say, this is a can “call” friend remind them to see the application of information.

of course, like all IM applications, everything should build on the premise of friends also use if. When your friends are all installed the if, so the service of information is “figures”.

in accordance with the working principle of if, after the user sends A message, if you will contact, but at the same time to the message receiver B this call on the interface is different from the ordinary telephone, sliding operation feedback will be reply “Yes (is)” or “No” (No), or share their location to the other party. Because of the different mechanisms, “to remind the phone receiver also don’t have to worry about wrong operation result in back. At the same time, if you also can query historical records, users can view if you “call records” and the other reply

if the creative team of Dexetra had also released a few personal assistant application, including smart dial on the Android platform application Dialapp – this application there are millions of users. According to CEO Narayan, Babu said if you had just Dialapp and are a function of the component. And Dexetra according to user’s data, found that 65% of phone theme are simple knowledge of conversation classes, if only, or location information can answer. Then, if the function is separated out, to create an independent applications. Babu said “we hope that we can let everyone conveniently to communicate information, if you can simply reply, need not specially to make a phone call is clear.”

although sometimes messages than phone to save trouble, but sometimes also always ignored by the receiver in the busy. And if you are to the user need immediate reply properly come in handy.

Babu said that if the “remind call” lasts 60 seconds, if the receiver has been no reply, so the interface will prompt “don’t answer if you remind” information. Can say, the instantaneous resilience of the phone itself if you will give the SMS messages.

now, if you can download for free in on. The future is expected to be on iOS – but function may be limited.