Imitation is a shortcut to the company to replicate the $3.2 billion worth of Nest

startup Birdi was about to make the second Nest . Their product is a smart smoke alarm. Although seems to Nest copy, but the company has got the VCS, gain 70 $seed fund.

this product with another hardware startups — Google spring with 32 $ intelligent thermostat manufacturer Nest have similar ideas.

the predecessor is the Canary Birdi for finance to hardware startups are increasingly choosing a new method of financing. they are CleanWeb Hackathon for equipment and associated application draft concept, won 1500 $bonus. They also by the fundraising solicitation on 7.3 thousands of dollars (excluding 4% ).

their attention from hardware Highway1 ( graduated from international company to undertake), Highway1 to Justin Alvey and Mark Belinsky startup guidance on various aspects, from product design to material science and production, and to give them 2 $loan business.

until then Birdi to begin preparing the seed round of funding. Belinsky that they communicate with investors by online, and show the perfect design of prototype and early users need. Indiegogo to raise the completion of the first to make it easy to get seed money.

Birdi investors including Jason Calacanis and his AngelList consortium, kapor vc, Eric Ries and John Galbraith.

Calacanis believes that the reason of financing in addition to the air quality test of “clear market (demand)”, and his task as a angel investors, that is “trust” and “on the verge of bankruptcy startup” to collect, he in traditional vc institutions for hardware manufacturers to provide money before they show the special financing attraction.

at the beginning of entrepreneurship, Birdi removed from New york to San Francisco, and abandon the formerly known as Canary , the reason as Belinksy canaries (canary) died in the incident, we tend to put ‘someone told me ( a little bird told me)’ (as a concept).” (translator’s note: this with Birdi the nature of the product have relationship)

Birdi users like a smoke detector in the home, when it detects the room air is seriously polluted, carbon monoxide, pollutants or signs of burning, will be to the user’s mobile phone the police.

choose value-added service users can enjoy Birdi in danger with the fixed telephone alarm to other tenants, such as grandparents, children and other people don’t use smart phones. When discovered fire, if enjoy paid service user is travelling abroad or lose their mobile phone contact, Birdi can they automatically call 911 .

technology entrepreneurs and investors Mitch Kapor show that he supports Birdi because it is pay attention to safety and health “, and they also have “air quality tests show,” this is an important characteristic of it very competitive.

all in all, kapor vc to “directly promote human health” is interested in connecting device, it can create positive social impact. He pointed out that through the company Highway1 and 6 other such “prep” regularly develop New Deal with new things, pay attention to the activities of the masses to raise website, which has made a deep impression to the public.

Belinsky is Birdi will use seed funding to hire full-time employees, new offices in San Francisco, and through a variety of UL LLC (safety and environmental standards organization) testing equipment development. After that it will be put into production, and in the 2014 in the fourth quarter of the finished Birdi system delivered into the hands of the early adopters.

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