Imoji, this wonderful work applied to any photos into emoticons

on July 26, according to foreign media reports, if the existing more than 800 kinds of emoticons (emoji) will not be able to let you meet, the app allows you to use any photos free to create new symbols. The software designer Tom Smith (Tom Smith) designed a new application called Imoji, it can be any photos into the iPhone SMS and iMessages emoticons.

Imoji is a free tool that allows you to use the built-in editing tool modification sites or mobile phone photo album found in any image. These emoticons can you create with other Imoji users to share, via text message or called iMessage — to friends.

after the account, the user can click on the “plus”, choose the photo from the gallery. Of course, you can also choose to shoot a new photo. Imoji provide modification, such as zoom tool, and can use the scissors button to remove the background or a particular part.

if you want to send Imoji emoticons, first to edit good symbols into the center of the circle on the screen, open the messaging application, select the recipient after sending. All Imoji symbols can be set to private or public, the public can be other Imoji users to see, to search and use. Other users can also create Imoji symbol library, including celebrity photos, cartoon characters and everyday items pictures, etc.

in addition, all Imoji symbols have keywords tag, in order to more convenient to look for. Of course, the user can also by clicking on the arrow buttons, selected at random. Future versions will add more sharing options, so these symbols can like the emoticon is commonly used now in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

in April, according to a study so far, the word “emoticons” is one of the hottest vocabulary. “Emoticons” first originated in Japan, it is in the electronic communication due to the small digital photos to express thoughts and feelings, has now spread all over the world. In the social media, microblogging, global media, “emoticons” is one million times of use.

on Twitter, users can through the Emoji Tracker tool to track how many per second expression is out from the list of design. Recently, a designer launched Silicon Feelings, it can see emoticons real-time Twitter usage in the world, including the smiling face, blink of an eye, love, food and other symbols.

in addition, the two London designers also plan and at the end of this year to launch a social network, called Emojil between also allows users to send emoticons to each other. Starting from June, Twitter allows the user to its online and all applications use emoticons. (sail)

source: tencent technology