Improve the UGC, youku original author for the revenue pushing again

(word/qing nan)

in online advertising into plan, the first anniversary of youku again in recently announced video revenue generating platform to attract high-quality original works at the same time, also let the author realize more interest in return.

in the video industry has entered the scale of development, content structure of video web site is particularly important, therefore, youku execution is buy copyright + + UGC homemade play combination strategy. Among them, the UGC as youku started as a form of content organization has been recognized by the masses of users, gathered a large number of high-quality, high popularity, the author of the original video active video, and continuous contribution to the brilliant original video content. In addition to advertising into an unplanned, youku in again, enhance the brand sense of belonging, of the author closer relationship with website.

the latest online youku video revenue platform, contains the AD into, fan support and value-added services, the purpose is to develop a variety of forms for the author to make money; Channel and custom, the promotion of support such as abundant value-added services, help the original author get a higher quantity and popularity, achieving personal brand. it is important to note that after accept ali in youku has been in preparation for the video of electricity products and services, is currently not released details.

the current advertising is divided into original author’s main source of income. On the divided into proportion, still just like last year plan, the original author is carried out in accordance with the then into with youku. According to youku, according to data released in June this year for the original author is divided into 2.34 million yuan. Individual performance is good, such as well-known PGC “outbreak” cartoons may monthly income reached 163000 yuan, the other original video to the author, such as Li Hong silk, “Big smile mate” monthly income may also reached 77000 yuan and 61000 yuan respectively.

fans sponsorship is youku original author for the custom new way to earn cash rewards, the author can be set in the original video upload fans sponsorship. Sponsored a variety of forms, including the audience for the author to send flowers, sentiment, invincible plank brick, such as gifts, gifts through optimal bean (optimal bean=1 yuan) to carry on the exchange, also can be set to play directly send best beans. On divided into, youku will charge 30% service charge, the remaining 70% returned to the authors.

in addition to the author to increase income directly, youku revenue platform also provides auxiliary means, for example by promoting support, user privileges, original author writing training and support to help enhance personal brand and video content influence, so as to earn more.