In addition to a mobile phone, and configured sapphire glass one plus smart watch!

in April 2014 the formal launch of the first one plus handset “will not” has aroused considerable attention, now, we will see again the company watch OneWatch another masterpiece – the first intelligence.

apart from the UI USES the design of the icon flattening, make integral feeling relaxed, contracted, one plus phone with low price also provide the buyer with the combination of a high-end specification: 801 2.5 GHz Xiao dragon chip + 3 gb of memory, battery life is increased by 30% of 3100 mah battery, and more fit the 4 g network, also has a light and thin body and unprecedented 5.5 -inch 1080 p super large screen.

we have received the detailed schematic OneWatch (pictured above). This picture shows the exterior of the smart watches and it has various functions. This smart watches with sapphire glass to protect the OLED display and movable titanium alloy frame. Strap will take leather as the material, it is said that the battery will be flexible to hide in the strap and support wireless charging of Qi standard.

in terms of design, OneWatch Moto 360 is similar with the MOTOROLA. Today, the vast majority of smart watches are adopted different square dial design of circular dial design. Unlike other big size of smart watches, OneWatch seems size is very suitable for general users.

the smart watch what kind of operating system will run more exciting. One plus the manufacturer may choose Google Android Wear system, it is possible that your own custom Android system.

the photo above shows one plus the manufacturer has designed for the smart watch special web pages, it also means that the product will be released soon.