In fact in the Android also has a Find My iPhone, and more human

you know Android to locate and lock your lost phone, specially developed a built-in mechanism? Google’s marketing not doing well, but actually this functionality in Android 4.4 release. The name of this system level function called Android device manager.

(as long as you install free applications, old Android mobile phone can also use this feature.)

now the function is stronger, and this is thanks to a newly added functionality. This feature appears extremely useful: after the lost phone as soon as you lost phone was found, it will automatically dial your phone.

if your phone lost, you only need to the Google browser based on the Android device manager, click on the lock screen button, input “retrieving information” (hope to find your phone is not a jerk), unlock password, and a number I can reach you.

dangdang dangdang! No matter who found your phone, just press a key, he can find you immediately. Because he didn’t unlock password, other functions are locked, contact you for what you did is the only thing he can use the phone.

one more thing: even if you have a can automatically locate the Android mobile phone, automatic call the owner want to use this feature, you still need to upgrade to the latest version. This you can find in the Google store.