In front of the PC push any further, Microsoft’s biggest savior should be flat

in recent years, PC sales had become weaker fixed mode, smartphone, tablet, the popularity of portable products has also become the mainstream. According to Gartner, in June 2014, the global shipments of 2.4 billion, mobile phones, tablet accounted for 88% of the Google Android devices is accounted for 1.2 billion.

but PC has not been other intelligent devices win outright, according to Gartner, 2014 tablet product shipments will be 256 million, PC will be 308 million. But significant changes will take place or 2015 – tablet products is expected to be 321 million shipments of more than 317 million PCS.

Microsoft help slow decline, PC sales

here to talk to PC sales trend this year. 2014 is a special PC, declining year by year sales curve to smooth finally slightly this year, a 9.5% decline in 2013, after 2014 is expected to shrink by 2.9% only. It’s all thanks to Microsoft’s power – stop maintenance Windows XP has prompted many people to abandon the old change new, to a certain extent is led PC sales.

, an analyst at Gartner, said Windows XP discontinuation, enterprise unified for PC update can suspend PC sales decline, this is an obvious in Western Europe. He pointed out that this year the PC replacement amount is expected to reach 60 million on the market.

but despite Microsoft use such a weapon, PC sales already cannot change, the year after the buffer, perhaps next year and will continue to fall.

tablet market mature, encounter bottleneck

the other compartments of the tablet is not a problem didn’t meet. , according to analysts at Gartner tablet sales are also the bottleneck period. Mature market interest in tablet is reduced, and emerging markets are attracted to more domestic mobile phone again. Analysts pointed out that the focus of the future flat sales will focus on low price rather than the functions of the good.

however, despite flat sales hit the stage, it expects shipments of 256 million is still a rose 23.9% in 2013.

phone market overall performance flat

contrast tablet shipments grew, the performance of the mobile phone market can be departed, it is predicted that 2014 will ship 1.9 billion, rose only 3.1% year on year. Gartner analysis of smartphone shipments in 2014 accounted for 66% of mobile phone products overall, and predicted that by 2018, the proportion will reach 88%. It is conceivable that when the smartphone market maturity and low price. According to the operating system, Android shipments rose 30% in 2014, one of the mainstream, but whether its future development will be “fragmentation” dragging the hind legs. Another mainstream iOS mobile phone shipments rose only 15%, Gartner estimates that apple will also to the domestic mobile phone, the development of the small screen tablet.

as for Windows Phone in 2014, the market share of around 4%, or will rise to 10% by 2018. It is worth mentioning that, according to the function of machine is still a place in 2018.