In more than 30 start-up, “lenovo” fund unveiled

to make public, lenovo’s fund is emerging, formal appearance, le fund in Beijing sihuan outside a club held the party. Founded three years, nearly 30 startup funds investment.

lenovo fund in November 2010. Is lenovo’s Internet venture capital fund. Initially, the total scale of 100 million yuan of funds is to encourage more team to develop mobile applications. , different from common risk investment fund is an angel investment, focus on the initial and early start-up companies.

benefit is that was cast enterprise in addition to get millions of angel investment, also can get lenovo group related business support, such as marketing, depth development, terminal pre-installed.

responsible for lenovo cloud services He Zhijiang said that since 2010, lenovo fund every year to finalize investment subject, to make some investment, but at the same time, they insist on their own development pattern.

founded three years, funds invested in more than 30 startups. In the investment of more than 30 companies, more than half of the enterprise has obtained B wheel for investment.

at present, le fund investment direction lock in “online games, mobile games”, “network security, smart phones, security, network payment security”, “the network marketing, mobile power and mobile social”, “big data” and “Internet of things intelligent device” five areas.

in funds involved in the portfolio of star enterprise as: mobile game publishers to make games, face recognition company Face++ Zaker, mobile reading software, e-commerce SaaS software platform of Shanghai, pie, and biometric authentication standard NokNoK Labs, etc.

at the same time, hunting cloud network of the second phase of the national-level Internet startup project investment and financing are also! Partners China, lenovo fund etc. VC also to participate in the butt. We welcome the demand for an angel and A round of investment has the risk of investment institutions to participate.