In order to WeChat pay, WeChat spell!

as hunting cloud network editor jun speculation, micro letter to pay the enclosure movement of a wave of something new. Payment for micro letter, micro letter can spell!

let’s take a look at today’s news, WeChat officially announced today that WeChat group has been upgraded large group permissions, when the number of 100 people, group manager can continue to invite friends into groups. Indeed, for a group of number of restrictions, suppress the needs of some users, now, the WeChat gate opened and began to water.

the WeChat upgrade of permission to adjust the contents of three aspects: 1, the group manager can upgrade the crowd. When the group with 100 people, group founder I can continue to invite friends to join in, the number of people invited more than 100 people will allow. Group of the number of how much is the limit, by a group of builders set; 2, were invited into the group of WeChat friends will receive invitations, agreed to join a large group of the invited. At the same time, invite the message will be prompted by inviter micro letter information also in the group chat friends, provide the reference for the invitee whether to join the group chat. 3, be invited into the micro letter friends must be more than 100 people have opened micro letter pay users.

according to the micro letter officially set, after the upgrade of a large group of digits of the number and upgrade the past the crowd. WeChat user default 2, opened WeChat pay to send 2, android users to participate in public welfare donation to send one, namely the apple ios users up to four large group of more than 100 people, most android users there are five large group of more than 100 people. As long as the user is a group of the Lord, you can upgrade the large group of more than 100 people. Group manager can be convenient to the management of the group chat, can also avoid the excessive damage to pull a stranger into the group to disturb other users. At the same time, be invited into the group of users must be opened micro letter to pay.

the rules of the micro letter for many, the core demands there is only one: whether you are 100 or opened several group, must be fitted with micro letter to pay now. But apparently, behind this as cloud network editor jun hunting in micro letter to comment the following revision when public, micro believe it will run out of all the resources raised slightly.

“WeChat platform has a new action, WeChat public revised boots finally fall to the ground, as many as several revised shows WeChat for determination of the operation of the public platform to continue fine but in static water flow behind general strategy to pick the whole, WeChat ambition also gradually begun: that is the power of all enclosure WeChat pay, even if it is disguised!”

“predictably, micro letter will continue to support on the function of micro letter to pay, will introduce some of the more extreme strategy is the escort son. Hunting, for example, a cloud network editor you can predict, opened micro letter to pay the public more operating rights, and even more article published. And for those who opened the micro letter to pay the ordinary users, the letter can be in the derivative system such as shopping, game, the “privilege” of resources.”

the speculation of the cloud network editor king hunting just released soon, for the sake of micro payment letter, another action, micro letter hunting cloud network editor you can definitely say that this is not the end, all resources in order to pay for tencent micro letter mining action will not end.