In the face of the “entropy” of PV, UV, new media can’t take out money over it

at the moment, both electronic publishers and advertisers more how can better evaluate the content of their own output, also almost unanimously agreed to the mainstream of PV views and unique visitors, after all, is not comprehensive. In order to deal with this kind of incomplete, we demonstrated some sites depends on the amount of share social platform to measure it, others by readers stay long to review on the site.

while start-up media companies Upworthy this side put forward the new concept of “pay attention to length”, think that this kind of measurement method is more accurate and effective, and provides the related open source code last week.

mainstream assessment mode is insufficient

now almost all the content of media mainly rely on advertising to profit, therefore, the media need to provide reliable data to prove itself with the number of readers, in order to attract the attention of advertisers. Based on this, the importance of effective assessment scale is self-evident.

however, now the media is generally PV for the data of the main views and unique visitors, some is the supplementary amount of hit points and share, these methods have shortcomings more or less. And many people are optimistic about social elements, and argues that social elements is to new ways of SEO (search engine optimization (SEO). But in fact, to share the assessment alone have some disadvantages, the co-founder and CEO Tony site called Chartbeat Haile is pointed out that sharing data is not actually suggests that when users share is completed through reading, after all, many readers will be “the title party”, is likely to be just a turn, without content but she didn’t see you after a week.

the Upworthy in its official blog:

“clicks and PV traffic has been the evaluation standard in the industry, but in fact the effect is not better. Even the share amount if there is no guarantee that the user really watch the content sharing. Both publishers and readers, and advertisers need a better assessment standard. By “time” to measure readers click on, sharing the browsing behavior between the two step operation will be a better solution.”

based on the measurement of the long new recruit

based on the analysis of above all, with Upworthy site called Chartbeat respectively puts forward his own evaluation scheme, respectively is “note how long” (Attention Minutes) and “Time” (Engaged Time). Although the specific operation, but both mainly trying to get access to the user before leaving the content page actually read much content (or how long to watch the video), and use the other user is conveniently open the page data analysis, truly, truly, or browse to the page content, watch the video page. Interestingly, according to the analysis of Upworthy, based on the total amount for the Twitter data is quite pretty, but specific segmentation, through “note length/draw length” to the analysis, the influence of the Twitter becomes less real good.

like YouTube, Medium, the Financial Times, such as platform is mainly based on the total access, browse the total time to review, the recent Medium also said began to adjust based on the reading time of the author’s remuneration.

industry opposition

of course, not everyone agrees with the length to evaluation as the basis.

Gawker, editor of Joel Johnson said, compared to the time alone, he prefers to measured by customer satisfaction, “the future opportunity may be able to do this kind of satisfaction evaluation, and the length or can be included in the measurement range, or not at all.”

Vox Media spokesman also voted against it. Different content service purpose, he said, some content is not in order to attract readers’ attention for a long time, “we don’t care how long it took to see user program or game posters, because that’s not the point. So the evaluation content output by the market situation is not universal.”

the Upworthy CEO Haile replied, for the service of “long” is the sum of a week or month, so whatever information display time long or short, can also worthy of analysis.