In the fight against monopoly power, take a taxi application Uber invited Mr Obama’s “division”

(/horse relief yi wen)

a taxi foreign application Uber recently and the so-called “traditional taxi monopoly power group”, began a tit-for-tat struggle. Because monopolies on the semi-official group put pressure on yourself, or the nature of the official institutions Uber has brought in a very bad this time – the role of Mr Obama’s top g-star adviser David Plouffe think-tank.

is very famous in Obama’s staff members campaign director. He for Mr Obama’s most important achievement, is his presidential campaign organization, help Obama become more success, become the President of the United States. As the party’s senior adviser for a long time, this person for the Obama administration has a great influence to put forward a lot of advice. Until last year, the very politics “division” announced his retirement.

it is clear that for Uber vortex is in policy and industry, employment to a “tiger” is of great significance. Uber CEO openly declared: “we now experience is a political struggle. Against the two armies is the Uber represents the interests of the scientific and technological progress and the people, and the infamous traditional taxi industry only care about their own interests.” Not only that, the outspoken CEO also says the traditional taxi industry and political forces “collusion” : “nobody likes them, but they are behind and political interests are aligned. We are going to blow it is these conformism guy.”

meanwhile, Plouffe said in an interview, represented by Uber new taxi business promoted the development of urban transportation, and can effectively reduce the accident risk. He would wholeheartedly to promote Uber ideas in the mind the implementation of the citizen, and help Uber cleared.